Randy Roos Fretless Guitar video surfaces after 38 years

Well not really a video but a 16mm film print from a studio session in 1979, which at the time would have been a very expensive operation. The filming would have been a colour negative with a synchronised sound track created on a separate sound recorder. The film is then edited by splicing the film and splicing the soundtrack in sync and then the final print is made which contains the film as a positive with an integral sound track, which could be optical or magnetic track. This could then be played back on a suitable 16mm film projector.

The double neck guitar Randy Roos is playing is a modified twin neck Ibanez SG, the top neck 12 String and the bottom neck fretless with a stainless steel fingerboard. The modifications were carried out by Randy Roos and Steve Holland. The fretless neck had a sustain device with a floor power supply, Steve Holland held the patent for this.

Randy Roos Mistral vinyl LP
Twin neck Ibanez on the cover of the album “Mistral”

The band line up for the recording session:

Randy Roos – Double neck; 12 string / fretless guitar.
Tim Landers – Bass
Frank Wilkins – Keyboard
Tommy Campbell – Drums



Camera – Benjamin Bergery / Morgan Wesson / Mark Rance / Moe Shore
Producer and Editor – Moe Shore


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