“Miserlou” by George Zikos on Fretless Guitar

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Here is a beautiful rendition of “Miserlou” by George Zikos on Fretless Guitar. You probably know the song as the opening number of “Reservoir Dogs” on the film by Quentin Tarantino (1994). That version was by Dick Dale and the Deltones who popularised the song in 1962. The song, however, goes back further than that, a 1919 version from Eygpt was called “Bint Misr” and there was a Greek version recorded in 1927. The song has leaked into other cultures: Jewish (klezmer), Arabic (belly dancing), with Persian, Turkish and Armenian interpretations.

There are lyrics to the song but these seem to have been added later, and do vary considerably. A good example might be:

Desert shadows creep across purple sands.
Natives kneel in prayer by their caravans.

There, silhouetted under and eastern star,
I see my long lost blossom of shalier.

You, Misirlou, are the moon and the sun, fairest one.


George Zikos and his band Zero-Zero perform “Miserlou”


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