Killick Hinds live performance video ATHICA April 9, 2016

Killick Hinds has a new Fretless Baxendale Guitar (made by Scott Baxendale in Atlanta, Georgia, USA)  It is a pink jazz archtop with aesthetics based on the “Pauline hack” of the classic Donkey Kong arcade game. (This is where The Lady saves Mario.) It also features a humbucker between the bridge and tailpiece and a piezo embedded in the headstock.

Pink Baxendale Fretless Guitar

Killick Hinds with pink Baxendale Fretless Guitar

The performance was at ATHICA (Athens Institute for Contemporary Art) which is an independent, non-profit gallery promoting and supporting innovative contemporary art and artists through exhibitions, education, and live performances.

Killick is always at the leading edge of contemporary music and in the video Michael Lauden provided the  visual projections.


Killick Hinds profile (Unfretted)

Quartertone Guitar (Killick Hinds’ article for Unfretted 2004) (Killick Hinds website)


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