Jack Mazzenga’s Fretless track “Cereal Killer” used on Chicago Muse Video

Trio at Jerry's Jack
Jack Mazzenga.

The Chicago Muse have once again used a track from Jack Mazzenga’s album “Had to Say” as the credits roll-out music for their “Pregnant at 45” video. They first used the title track “Had to Say” as the music for their “Back to School Special” titled “Empty Nest”

Cereal Killer features Jack Mazzenga on Fretless Guitar, Jim Petti on Bass Guitar, Michael Thomson on Drums, Plus Fretless Guitarists Ned Evett and Neil Haverstick along with Mitch Goldman on trumpet and Joe Brown on Tenor Sax and Flute.

Pregnant at 45

Cereal Killer – Fretless Guitar close up:


Had to Say Jack Mazzenga

Had to Say – Unfretted Review


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