George Zikos – two new Fretless Guitar videos

George Zikos crop

At the beginning of August 2016 we featured a beautiful rendition of “Miserlou” by George Zikos on Fretless Guitar. Now we have a couple more from George and his band Zero-Zero. First off is Blue Monk followed by Autumn Leaves, great to hear jazz standards played so soulfully on Fretless Guitar.


George Zikos and his band Zero-Zero perform “Blue Monk”

George Zikos and his band Zero-Zero perform “Autumn Leaves”


George Zikos (Artist profile on Unfretted)

Divagation (Fretless Guitar Album by George Zikos, review, Unfretted)

Miserlou (video and background to the song)

Fretless Guitar in the Twentieth Century (features TV interview with George Zikos)


More Fretless Videos


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