Fredrik Pihl video “Holly Hatton” with Ron Bumblefoot Thal solo

Fredrik Pihl has announced a forthcoming instrumental solo album (due to be released early 2017).

This is the first single from the album and is called “Holly Hatton”.

It features a guest solo by Ron Thal “Bumblefoot” who has played with Guns and Roses and Art of Anarchy.

The track was recorded in November 2016 in the South of Sweden.

Gustav Nilsson plays Bass and Markus Pettersson is on Drums.

Ron Thal & Fredrik Pihl
Ron Thal & Fredrik Pihl.

Both Ron Thal and Fredrik Pihl play the DoubleBfoot, Ron Thal signature, one neck is fretless imetal the other is fretted. Fredrik also plays a very nice purple Vigier Surfretter Fretless Guitar.

Fredrik Pihl live
Fredrik Pihl playing his DoubleBfoot.



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