Baker – Drums, Bruce – Bass, Evett – Fretless Guitar. Triple Double videos

Ned Evett’s band “Triple Double” featured drummer Kofi Baker (son of Ginger) and bassist Malcolm Bruce (son of Jack). The band opened for Joe Satriani on a sixty date tour of Europe, USA and Canada back in 2010.

Kofi Baker
Kofi Baker

Malcolm Bruce by Keith Curtis
Malcolm Bruce picture – Keith Curtis

Ned Evett & Globro
Ned Evett

The two videos and an interview from the band are courtesy Blues Moose Radio based in the Netherlands.

Youtube videos

The videos were all recorded on the night of 1st November 2010 at 013 Tilburg in the Netherlands.

Sons & Daughters


When You Love Someone
Warning – Drum Solo for the first 3 minutes!


Bluesmoose meets Ned Evett, Kofi Baker & Malcolm Bruce. (Triple Double)

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Kofi Baker

Malcolm Bruce

Ned Evett


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