Timucin Sahin Trio – Concert Review

The Timucin Sahin trio played the A-Trane club in Berlin on 20th October 2015

Pierre Dunker, Timucin Sahin and Owen Hart Jr. outside the A-Trane in Berlin. Photo © Cliff De Vor.

Guitarist Timucin Sahin used his double neck guitar, top neck fretless, bottom neck fretted.


Pierre Dunker played double bass.


Owen Hart Jr. played drums.

Photo © Willem Schwertmann

The dutch magazine JAZZENZO reviewed the concert, in Dutch here: jazzenzo.nl/?e=3192

Here is a quick excerpt in English:

It was indeed a very international company that night at the jazz club. Guitarist Timucin Sahin is originally from Turkey, studied in the Netherlands and spent the last decade in New York. American drummer Owen Hart Jr. lives in Groningen (Netherlands) and has previously played with Ramon Vallé, Michael Moore and Anton Goudsmit. Pierre Dunker, from Curaçao in the Caribbean now lives in the Netherlands, and plays bass in his own quartet.

The flame hit immediately in the concert and joined the groundbreaking guitar playing of Sahin, the steady bass lines of Dunker, the explosive percussion work of Hart and took listeners on a colorful, fascinating experience.



Timucin Sahin – timucinsahin.net

Pierre Dunker – pierredunker.com


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