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Lifelike Boy Android

Killick Hinds linked up with Michael Manring and Jamie DeRevere to form the trio Vectrexcentricity who performed at Athica September 29th 2016. Prior to the gigs they met up at The Glow Studio to create the album “Lifelike Boy Android” which has just been released. (October 30th 2016) Tracks 1, 4 & 8 feature fretless guitar from Killick and Michael plays fretless bass throughout.

Michael Manring
Michael Manring


Killick Hinds with Flowers
Killick Hinds

Weird meets Mellow

Killick Hinds – in his own words…

This project began with a simple idea: what would it be to combine my music with Michael Manring’s? I know there’s the conception I only play “weird” music and he only plays “mellow” music. Okay, maybe the “weird” part is true. 🙂 But Mr. Manring has one of the broadest palettes I’ve heard; technical mastery, of course, though something much greater. He inserts his heart and soul into every note he plays, regardless of context, style, time, place, or any other factor. Talking about any of this immediately treads into cliche language, so let’s just listen.

I approached Michael to play because I felt strongly it would work so well. I had to honor his incredible musical legacy (and not destroy it in the process!), so composing for him got me to the root of what I love about his expressiveness. I could say it was a challenge although the pieces flowed readily once the path was clear. Michael sailed the seas of jazz (every era/every permutation), rock (that’s what the kids are into, right?), microtonality, multitempi, full-on outer/inner space channeling, and all without breaking a sweat. Any sweat heard or intuited is mine.

From the very germ of this album I knew the drummer would be Jamie DeRevere. He is one of the first musicians I heard play when I moved to Athens, Georgia 21 years ago, and we are now affixed in a friendship of infinite possibility. Jamie and Michael feel rhythm in an uncannily harmonious way, and this was an affirmation to experience. Jamie’s ability to “play the air” is unprecedented, and fully reveals his deep love and respect for the spirits swirling in the collective creative consciousness. He hit every curve ball out of the park.

The music is what it is because of the wonderful people who made it. But it is also this: listening to John Schaefer’s New Sounds on WNYC while playing Zelda on the NES. Crying tears of happiness as the electronic repurposing of Bach escalates a Gyruss immersion. Sitting next to Philip Glass during the relaunch of Einstein on the Beach. Watching Andy Summers wrangle a Gittler in a post-fashion junkyard. Trying a Vectrex under constant temptation of layaway. Waiting for Electric Games magazine to land in the mailbox, monthly too infrequent a publication schedule. Arriving in Athens ultimately because I saw an R.E.M. video at just the right age and finding a real home.

It was such an honor and joy to work with Jamie DeRevere & Michael Manring (and our Fifth Beatle and great encourager, engineer Jesse Mangum) to bring this music to life. Thank you for listening. Source:

….ends Killick Hinds


Recorded and mixed by Jesse Mangum at The Glow, Athens GA
Additional recording by Killick Hinds & Michael Manring
Mastered by Tom Lewis at Studio 1093, Athens GA
Guest vocals by Claire Campbell
Tracks 1-5 by Killick Hinds
Tracks 6-8 by Killick Hinds & Michael Manring
Cover art by Killick Hinds, based on the alternate backglass for TX-Sector

Jamie DeRevere, drums
Killick Hinds, guitar, fretless guitar & programming
Michael Manring, fretless bass

Quick Review

Killick’s description of the album, Weird meets Mellow, is a pretty apt description. The three musicians work very well together, Manring’s sensitivity to the musical context is almost unnerving. This is Avant Garde at its very best, listening to the album gives you a strange feeling like; “What will happen next?” There are so many ideas packed into this album it is an exciting journey to listen through. This is very much the New music, and you can listen to it all on Bandcamp, the title track “Lifelike Android Boy” is genius.


Lifelike Boy Android (Bandcamp)

Videos from the Gig and the Studio

Killick Hinds and Michael Manring Fretless Guitar / Bass Gig at Athica

Guitars by Rick Toone:

Killick Hinds:

More Killick

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