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Sounding the Curve – Tom Baker (2003)

CD Sounding the Curve - Tom Baker

Classification – Avant Garde / Experimental

At first listen you may well think this is a compilation album, Tom uses so many different techniques and instruments, acoustic fretless, electric fretless, 12 string fretless and the mood swings from finger picking acoustic through looping, through jazz and over the edge of avant garde.

Tom’s fretless technique is quite frighteningly accurate and he can wander so far from conventional music norms, that we just can’t follow. But if this variety of expression was not enough, the track Desert Music fires a whole load of humour into the mix. Well a track featuring 12 string fretless acoustic and a Cactus has to be humourous, doesn’t it? It made us laugh, a lot. We bought the album at CD Baby.

Review – Jahloon, Autumn 2004

What Remains – Tom Baker (2005)

CD What Remains - Tom Baker

A requiem / concerto for fretless guitar

Classification – Avant Garde / Experimental

What remains… is dedicated to the memory Matthew Sperry – a good friend of Tom’s and an extraordinary musician. Short samples of his recorded work on Contrabass were used as generative sound slices for the piece, and were processed and re-composed to create the sonic landscape with which the fretless gutiar interacts.

The first track has quite a fright in store for the initial listener, about four minutes in there is a twnging sound reminiscent of that made by a ruler twanged on a school desk, only much louder and in a lower register. It still makes me jump out of my skin.

There’s a lot of very eerie sounds on this CD and its too disturbing to be called ambient, it has an edgy feel that is very characteristic of Baker’s boundary breaking experimental work.

The tracks are just named; one / two / three / four / five / six / seven, and each stands as a different individual soundscape, as mentioned earlier, its not for the faint hearted, there are lots of surprises along the way, and lots of sounds you’ve never heard before.

All artist profits generated from the sale of this record will be donated to the Lila Simone Sperry College Fund.
What Remains is available at CD Baby.

Review – Jahloon, Easter 2007

Look What I Found – Tom Baker

CD Look What I Found - Tom Baker

Look What I Found – Tom Baker Quartet (2007)
Tom Baker (guitar, fretless guitar)
Greg Campbell (drums)
Jesse Canterbury (clarinet)
Brian Cobb (bass).

Classification – Avant Garde / Experimental

Tom has gone a bit bi-fretual on this CD, playing a fretted telecaster on six of the ten tracks. The remaining four are with his glass Fernandes:
2  Waiting Room
4  Through a Glass Abstractly
8  Free Steps
9  Metamorphosis Happens

Once again a very enjoable CD, plenty of wide open space in the sound, these guys are very tuned into each other and the whole album hangs together very well.

Very much of the soundscape genre, each musician balancing a tension and never letting the tiger loose, overall this is our favourite Tom Baker album.

Look What I Found is available at CD Baby.

Review – Jahloon, Easter 2007

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