Nicolas Meier reviews

Nicolas Meier reviews

From Istanbul to Ceuta with a Smile (2013)



From Istanbul to Ceuta with a Smile

Classification – Turkish progressive

Nicholas Meier – acoustic nylon and steel guitar, glissentar and baglama
Gilad Atzmon – soprano sax and clarinet
Pat Bettison – bass and harmonica
Bernard Gregor Smith – cello
Derni Garcia – percussions
James Pearson – piano
Asaf Sirkis – drums
Lizzy Ball – violin

MGP records

Produced by: Nicolas Meier

Part I: From Istanbul to Ceuta with a Smile

1 Opening
2 From Istanbul
3 Avec Certitude
4 With a Smile

Part II: The Gate of Memories

5 Memories (in the memory of Peter)
6 The Gate

Part III: The Lightness of the Wind

7 The Wind
8 The Lightness

This CD starts with an incredible atmospheric track, outlining the oncoming storm, you know where you are instantly, Istanbul, and midway through the second track the incessant storm of notes breaks blending into some very nice harmonica, which gives way to the tide of soulful melodies leading into “With a Smile” a superb track leading to a dramatic finale. We hit the track “To Cuenta” without a braak and this has an urgency about it while retaining the beauty of the initial tracks. Part II “Memories” starts darkly while still echoing the earlier themes, “The Gate” is very subtle, gentle, rising to a fine climax. Part III hits home with the urgency found earlier on the CD, the final track slides off gently but very soon coelesces the earlier themes and urgency into a cracking climax.

This is a great album for your collection
Review – Jahloon, January 2014

Nicolas Meier Trio+
Kismet (2013)


Classification – Jazz

Nicholas Meier – acoustic nylon guitar, glissentar and jazz guitar
Kevin Glasgow – bass
Laurence Lowe – drums
Demi Garcia – percussions

Special guests: Lizzy Ball – violin, (track 2)
Bernard Gregor-Smith – cello, (track 2)
Cenk Erdogan – acoustic frtless nylon and electric guitar (2nd solos on tracks 3 & 6)

MGP records

Produced by: Nicolas Meier

1 Giant Steps (J. Coltrane)
2 Reflections (S. & N. Meier)
3 Kismet (N. Meier)
4 Adiguzel (N. Meier)
5 Nuages (D. Reinhardt)
6 Horizon (N. Meier)
7 Besame Mucho (C. Valazquez)
8 October in Ankara (N. Meier)
9 Not For Me

This is Nicolas Meier’s Jazz combo, Nicholas Meier Trio+, with an hour of really delightful music. He has dropped in three classics among his own compositions and has some key special guests; Lizzy Ball – violin and Bernard Gregor-Smith – cello on the poignant “Reflections” and fellow fretless guitarist Cenk Erdogan taking the second solos on the title track “Kismet” and Horizon.
The Coltrane track Giant Steps kicks off the album sounding very Spanish Gypsy with some lovely alternate clapping breaking into a fast and complex solo. Kismet features Nicolas on Glissentar (eleven string fretless guitar) and as mentioned, a very haunting solo from Cenk Erdogan. Adiguzel is a fast driving whirlpool of notes that will make the hair on the back of your neck crinkle. Nuages is just as we expect, nice and relaxed with some nice brushwork from Laurence. The whole album has this Spanish / Turkish / Evening jazz feel, just right for playing late at night with the lights down and the volume up.

Highly recommended
Review – Jahloon, January 2014


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