Ned Evett reviews

NED EVETT reviews

iStole – Ned Evett (2004)

CD istole Ned Evett

Classification – American popular

Ned Evett: Acoustic and Electric Fretless Guitar, Vocals
Bret Porter: Drums and Percussion
Russ Pfeifer: Keyboards, Vocals
Jared Tolley: Bass

Like Circus Liquor, this CD is a collection of vocal outings for Ned. Eleven songs in the singer / songwriter vein that seems to be in vogue at the moment. I like the production and feel of this album more than Circus Liquor. Certainly you can sense Evett’s powers are still on the rise.

Keeping the band line up the same Ned has followed the mid seventies feel of Circus and you can feel the influences of past performers like The Band and Little Feat esp. on track 5 Need You Now.

But what of the fretless playing? Well its nicely crafted into each number, sometimes you miss it completely (so pay attention), but there’s no mistaking Ned’s trademark riffs. The first track, Claim to Fame, fades out on a blistering double tapping run that would give any guitar hero a run for their money.

Ned EvettThis album also features the first outing for Ned’s Resonator Guitar, featuring a glass mirror fingerboard. Tracks; Claim to Fame, Fly Myself to Sleep and Token Hearted feature this unique instrument. It sounds real nice too, and given the fretless style adds a lot more dynamics than the traditional slide style expected from the resonator.


Ned wrote most of iStole while on the road in 2002 / 2003, storing ideas on the messaging facility of his celphone. He explains; “The messages expire in thirty days, it puts me on a deadline to forge these little demos into full fledged songs.” And does it work! Stand out tracks are; Claim to Fame, iStole, Rochambeau.

Like Circus, iStole delivers instantly accessible songs that bang around in your head for days, when they make “Evett’s Greatest Hits” its going to be hard deciding what to leave out. Very nicely done.

More info at Ned’s website:

Review – Jahloon

Circus Liquor – Ned Evett

CD Circus Liquor Ned Evett

Classification – American popular (2003)

Most of us already know a lot of Ned’s work note for note, but this album proves the boy can sing and write songs. Ned brings a lot of presence to his vocal performance, the production of the CD is immaculate, and if I hadn’t lost the cover I could mention some more!

Ned blends the fretless sounds into the vocal performance, and there are some very strong performances on this CD. Ned is always coming up with very different sounds from his guitars and this CD is constantly surprising us with riffs we thought we hadn’t heard before.

This is a very American album, not a bad thing, its a feel good thing. There are enough commercial songs to fill a greatest hits album, we bought the CD from Guitar Nine records and find it most pleasant.

Review – Jahloon

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