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Four CDs from Michael ATONAL Vick

Michael ATONAL Vick’s CDs are a bit like buses in the UK. You wait a long time for one and then four arrive at the same time. Not that we are complaining, as the body of work that Michael has been driving is compelling, interesting and diverse. Sometime through the week of reviewing / listening we came to a startling conclusion; we are most likely listening to the Frank Zappa of the fretless guitar. Can we back that statement up? You may ask. Certainly, Michael’s music is ground breaking, new, at times bizarre, but always underpinned by an extensive musical knowledge and background.
The best thing you can do is go and listen, much of Michael’s significant output is freely available on his website: www.soundasmusic.com

Alternatively get hold of one (or all) of the following CDs…

Overview – Jahloon

Wit’s End – Michael Vick Trip


Wits End = Music – Michael Vick / Patrick William Kelly / James Webb

Classification – General Alternative

Wits End does have the overall vibe of a live album and our friends are off on a whacky journey. Released in 1996 this mad excursion into the unknown does feature a brazen beefheartean middle track that I’m quite fond of. The album itself is only 30 minutes in length and seems to be over far too quickly.

Review – Jahloon

Inciting Freedom – Michael Vick


Inciting Freedom – Michael Vick (solo)

Classification – Experimental

This album sees Michael all on his own to do the worst he can do to all manner of instruments and effects. There are 23 tracks, anything from 29 seconds to over 13 minutes in length. You think you know what you are in for with tracks titled; “Over Eastern Skies Without Toilet Paper” and “Ohmmeter Calibration Meltdown” but nothing really prepares you for what Michael has in store. There can be the most alarming sounds, like the devil was putting your guitar through a mangle, or things can settle down to the near melodic. Never fear, the edge of insanity is never far away, but what do I mean? If you got this far you are already falling into the abyss.

Review – Jahloon

Smell La Mitten – Michael Vick Trip

CD Smell La Mitten

Smell La Mitten – The Michael Vick Trip

Classification – It says on the label: “File under Guitar or Jazz or Experimental or Rock or World or Classical or Mood or Listen to it & YOU decide.”

This album features solo tracks from Michael and tracks from the Wit’s End line up of Patrick Kelly on drums and James Webb on bass. Without a doubt this album consolidates a lot of his earlier work and is a testament to Michael’s talent. The classification (above) may appear to be a joke, but Michael uses all these styles and believe me our boy can play very intricate classical fingerstlye. What will happen when he unfrets his classical guitar? If one had to pick the best of these four albums it would be this one, its like a box of assorted chocolates you can dip into, and the fun is one or two have been spiked by chilli. Well, if “Express Train to ConVICK-tion” doesn’t set you on fire, you’re already burned out.

Review – Jahloon

Unfret My Heart / Promo version 2004 – Michael Vick

Classification – Bizarre, off the wall

Bizarre indeed, bits of Unfret My Heart have been leaked to the junkies over the past few weeks and we have become addicted. Although this is by no means the final draft of the music, what we have is food for the musically disturbed. We can only guess at how some of the sounds are created. This is real Pandora’s box stuff, once you have opened the lid you ain’t ever going to be able to close it again. Looking forward to the final release.

Review – Jahloon

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