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Mahavira – half light – review


Classification – Alternate Rock
Ed Parker – Vocals & Guitar
Jay Matharu – Fretless Guitar
Zoltan Toth – Fretless Bass
Mark Weatherley – Drums

This band certainly knows where it is headed. Tight, heavy and thickly concentrated, there is a confidence about their music and direction. Well constructed songs with great technical execution, there is an edge to the band and I’m guessing its their musical dynamo, Jay Matharu’s influence.

To explain; most bands that make it have a 90/10 mix, 90% traditional and 10% spice, its that 10% that makes Mahavira just that bit different.

Halflight is a great name for this CD as it certainly sums up the dark brooding mood of the collection. At 30 minutes in length you might be tempted to call this an EP, where back in the Vinyl days it would qualify as a good length album. I’ve found it immensly enjoyable, peppered lightly with fretless guitar, a perfect balance. If these guys have the same stage prescence they have on the CD, they are going places.

Review – JB February 2010


“New Contusions” Mahavira live at the 229 club Fitzrovia, London 19/Mar/2010

“Torture Garden”¬†Mahavira live at the 229 club Fitzrovia, London 19/Mar/2010


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