Luca Formentini reviews

Luca Formentini review

Subterraneans – Luca Formentini


Classification – Ambient Unguitar

Luca Formentini the man behind Unguitar, a pretty cool website, has a pretty cool album in Subterraneans.

Recommendations for listening to this album:
Go out and buy, or borrow, one of those sub-woofer things that plays really low notes you feel more than hear. Wire it to your stereo. Grab a towel from the bathroom, don’t ask why, you will thank me later. Turn off all the lights, switch off the mobile, play the CD.

I did this, the journey I was taken on was a cool washing down. One minute I’m in a Victorian sewer, then in a deep cave with blind fish singing, then outside a submarine that’s been painted mellow. I’m a long way from my body, inside an industrial plant making water for aliens, suddenly surrounded by rehydrators I dash along silk screened, water stained corridors. The surface is a long way above my head, breaking into free air the CD finishes, gasping, breathing, where have I been? I need a towel for times like these.

Luca’s unguitar world is wonderfully ambient, with seemingly new ideas around every corner of the CD. Its easy to get lost in this, its easy to get lost.

It is very refreshing to hear an album that not only has new sounds but gels them together into an almost menacing concept. Luca Formentini is pushng the whole thing forward with such style, if you need a lesson or two, or just an aquatic adventure, go get Subterraneans.

Review – Jahloon, 2004

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