Erkan Oǧur reviews

Erkan Oǧur review

CD Fretless, Erkan Oǧur

Fretless – Erkan Oǧur (1993)

Classification – Relaxing

This CD is breathtaking, Erkan plays beautifully, with sensitivity, and as a soul immersed in the music he seems to be playing personally for the listener. At the risk of wanting to smack anyone over the head that says “chillout” it really is the ideal thing to put on the stereo after a stressful day at work. Despite being recorded in New York, Bremen and Istanbul the album is a cohesive whole. If you ever need a lesson in relaxed, Erkan delivers shedloads.

One of our leading experts has commented; Erkan’s is the first music I have ever heard which successfully and artfully combines Makam (microtonal modes), with Jazz (tempered chordal movement). It is brilliant. I would call Ergan “Sufi Jazz” of “Mevlevi Blues”.

The cover notes are in German and English and carefully explain the Turkish musical scale. Not only are the makams explored but the musical timing covers 4/4, 10/8, 13/8, 7/16 and 18/16 and more you can’t clap to.

We bought the album at CD Roots and recommend you do too.

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