Music Reviews

Music Reviews

Music comes as albums, CDs, downloads, sometimes single tracks.

Here we try to review a wide range of styles and be (reasonably) honest within the context of that Genre.

Our pages are:

Fretless Tracks

We review tracks from John McLaughlin, Frank Zappa, Chet Atkins, Pat Metheny, John Etheridge, John Cale and Si Hayden.

Fretless Jazz Albums

Two Albums from Ben Burdick.

Fretless Compilations

Fretless Guitar Masters / Village of the Unfretted

Amjad Ali Kahn & Rahim Alhaj

Infinite Hope

Darby Slick

King of the Fretless Guitar

Dweezil Zappa

Via Zammata’

Deniz Atalay

Denizin Ötesinde (Beneath the Sea)

Ed DeGenaro

Less is Seldom More / Dog House / Ed Degenaro & Friends Namm Bash 2006 / Remembering Shawn Lane / Nude Guitars Live at the Knit / Nylon and Steel

Erkan Oǧur


Evett Vigroux

Evett Vigroux review including gig pictures

Farheed Haque

The 3 of us


Kif – review by Ben Miller

George Zikos


Gunnar Backman

Sundown – review within Fretless Guitar News May 2018

Jack Mazzenga

Had to Say / Acoustic a la Mode

Jon Szenics

Fretless Days Gone By

Jurica Jelić

Sve nijanse Dinare (All shades of Dinara)

Les Mouvements

Les Mouvements

Loren Claypool

One Feather Shy

Luca Formentini


Neil Haverstick

Fretless – Stickman

Nicolas Meier

From Istanbul to Ceuta with a Smile / Kismet / Chasing Tales (with Pete Oxley)

Infinity (with Vinnie Colaiuta & Jimmy Haslip)


half light

Michael Vick

Wits End / Inciting Freedom / Smell La Mitten / Unfret My Heart

ProNounced Triple-V

Ned Evett

iStole / Circus Liquor

Four Early Albums

Glass Guitar (Vol 1

Early Ned 1984/85 review within Fretless Guitar News June 2018

Ratco Zjaca

Shades of Spirit (with Stanislav Mitrovic)

Rich Perks


Ron Thal

Uncool (French Version) / 9.11 / Anthology

Rahim AlHaj

Little Earth

Si Hayden

Don’t Fret

Tellef Øgrim

Wagon 8 / Some Dodos Never Die

Fat Fit (Solos for Guitar)

KUME (with Anders Berg)

KÖLEN (with Anders Berg)

LA/V – Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg. Review within Fretless Guitar News January 2018

Oslo Hærverk by Uuskyla, Øgrim & Berg, review within Fretless Guitar News June 2018

The Leif with Magnus Tenge, review within Fretless Guitar News July 2018

Tev Stevig

Jeni Jol

Tim Donahue

The 5th Season / Earlyworks / Madmen & Sinners / Mark’s Mountain

Timucin Sahin

Slick Road / Window of My Breath

Tom Baker

Sounding the Curve / What Remains / Look What I Found

Tom Fryer

Dirty Math


Lifelike Boy Android (Killick Hinds / Michael Manring / Jamie DeRevere)

Please note: after September 2015 reviews will feature as news posts and will also be filed in the category “Reviews”

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