Gizmotron 2.0 – New wheels for Fretless Guitar

Ultra Life Wheels

Fitted the new silicone wheels to the Gizmotron, a fairly easy procedure, and a big improvement on the older rubber type wheels. They have a stated life of three times that of the older wheels and can be easily distinguished from the previous types as these are white, rather than black. They are also all the same, removing the problem of using one type for the treble strings and another for the bass.

First off is the Rant

OK it is not the cost of the wheels, it is the cost of getting them to you. The wheels are $17.99 and I wanted a proper job so ordered the new copper springs at $8.99. Post and packing was $14.75. Custom declaration was $25.00. I’m in the UK and Customs Duty was £4.63 with a handling charge of £8.00 a total of £12.63 – that’s around $16.50 so a total cost of $58.23. That’s practically $10 per wheel, they had better be pretty good.

The Copper springs

The new springs are the same thickness as those on the gizmotron already so they were confined to the spare parts box.

The New Wheels

As mentioned earlier at $10 per wheel they had better be pretty good.

The blurb is as follows, my comments are in Italics:
More than 3X the lifespan of black guitar wheels
   Cannot tell yet as I have not worn out the black wheels
Increased attack and power
Warmer, fatter tone
   Does sound better than the old wheels, less rasping
More even volume across all strings
100% compatible with short-scale guitars
Thinner wheel fits guitars with tight string spacing
Improved key feel
Easier adjustment
Leaves no residue behind on shaft
   A lot cleaner with these new wheels, no build up of rubber dust.
Eliminates static discharge “ticks” on black wheels
   Not had this problem living in a high humidity area.

Well so much for the blurb, I like the new wheels, there is greater control over the sound which is not as harsh as the rubber wheels and being thinner are easier to set up.


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