Gig Review – Nicolas Meier & Pete Oxley – 30 Mar 2017

Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier met ten years ago and five years later formed the Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier Duo. Since then they have toured extensively and made three albums, the latest of which “The Colours of Time” was being promoted on this tour.

Pete Oxley, Nicolas Meier, fretted and fretless guitars
Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier

Gig Review

This gig was in Southport, a coastal town in the North West of the UK, about 20 miles (32 Kilometres) North of Liverpool. Held in the library section of “The Atkinson” (formal know as the Southport Arts Centre). This seats around 50 people and it was packed full. Hosted by the Southport Jazz Club with the gig organised by Tom Sykes, Mike Smith and Miranda Rimmer.

I cannot tell you the opening number, missed most of it having to park the motor about a half mile from the Gig. Big hello smiles from Pete and Nic as I slid into a spare seat on the front row.

The second number was “The Key of Klimt” followed by the second track on the album “Meeting Dewa” Nic introduced it as being a tribute to Indonesian musician Dewa Budjana, whom he had met in Bali.

After a couple more numbers Pete announced that they would now play “Princes’ Islands” with Nic playing fretless guitar, at this point there was an audible gasp from the audience, Nic explaining that the song was about a group of nine islands close to Istanbul.

The first 45 minute set closed with “Riversides” with Pete on detuned electric 12 string and Nic on Glissentar an 11 string Fretless Oud / Guitar cross.

Pete & Nic play Riversides
Pete on narrow nut 12 string electric, Nic on 11 string Glissentar.

There is a great chemistry between these players and a fair degree of musical humour, difficult to describe, you will just have to go to a gig. I said to Pete how much tighter the sound was than the New Brighton gig in November (and it was spot on then) Pete explained playing 25 gigs back to back really honed your chops.

Pete & Nic, end of the gig
How much fun can you have at one gig? Nic with Godin 6 string fretless guitar.

To sum things up, two great sets, two great guitarists, eight guitars, nothing can possibly go wrong!



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