Gig Review – Nicolas Meier & Pete Oxley – 11 Nov 2016

I got a message from Nicolas Meier on the day of this last minute gig “Can you make it to New Brighton tonight? Me and Pete Oxley are playing The Pavilion” well I could not miss a chance like that! This was part of the International Guitar Festival of Great Britain, held over two weeks in November in (the) Wirral across the River Mersey from Liverpool, UK.

Well I had not been to New Brighton in many years and the Pavilion had been opened in 2011, a really nice building with panoramic views of the River Mersey. We were welcomed at the door by Jane who works as a volunteer at the venue and bought two tickets to the gig. Niclolas Meier Pete Oxley ticket

Gig Review

Nicolas Meier and Pete Oxley Guitars
Stage pre-concert, you can see the lights of Liverpool across the River Mersey through the windows.

Nic and Pete started off with numbers from their forthcoming album, which they will tour in early 2017. First was a Waltz followed by “The Key of Klimpt” and “Princes’ Islands” (about a group of nine islands near Istanbul)

Nicolas Meier & Pete Oxley 7 string
Pete on 7 string Nylon Godin, Nic on 6 string Godin.

Pete played the first half of the 80 minute set on his Godin Multiac Nylon Encore 7 string, this is tuned normally with the extra string being a low B. It is quite a beast and Pete uses the extra bass string to great effect. Nic is playing his Godin Multiac Nylon 6 string but no longer uses the Roland GR-55 synth with the guitar (which he used on the Jeff Beck tours) as he says is fine for chords and backing but does not track fast enough for rapid solos.

Nicolas Meier & Pete Oxley 12 & 11 strings
Pete on 12 string, Nic on 11 string.

Pete playing a 12 string electric which has the narrowest nut I’ve seen on any guitar, never mind a 12 string, he says it is tricky swapping from the wide spacing of the 7 string to this guitar. Nic on Glissentar 11 string Fretless Oud / Guitar cross. They used these to play “Riversides“.

Nicolas Meier Pete Oxley encore
Pete on 1980’s Gibson ES175, Nic on Godin Archtop Multiac.

Above is a pic of the encore where they asked each other “Which Guitars have we not played with yet?” Nice to hear the Gibson ES 175, a guitar I really wanted to get hold of some time back but never had the money. Nic is using a steel strung Godin Multiac arch-top. This has normal hum buckers and a piezo pickup under the bridge with the capability of mixing the two for a wider range of sounds. The encore was a blistering jazz improvisation, a great ending to a wonderful performance from both players and I do urge you to get out and see them if you can.

Further Dates

November 12th, Zeffirellis, Compston Road, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9AD, UK starts 20:30 (free)
November 19th, Saint Giles’ Church, 10 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HT, UK starts 19:30

Post Concert

Pete Oxley, Jahloon, Nicolas Meier
Pete Oxley, Jahloon, Nicolas Meier.

It’s hard not to crack up hanging out with these guys.


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