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Tim Donahue – Fretless Harp Guitar

Fretless Harp Guitar

All about the Tim Donahue Signature Fretless Harp Guitar. Available since 2010 this was the first model made, a handful of fretless harp guitars have since been created up to 2015.

Tim Donahue Fretless Selva Guitar


Selva fretless guitar front

A quick review of the Tim Donahue Fretless Selva Guitar from 1986. The very first Fretless Guitar to be mass produced.  A very impressive instrument that plays like a dream. (This was also the first model off the production line)

Vigier Surfretter Special

Vigier Excalibur Surfretter Fretless

Considered by many to be the ultimate fretless guitars with great sustain and playability.

Vigier Surfretter Standard

Vigier Surfretter Standard

This is the UK Magazine Guitarist’s review of the standard model from May 1998.

Fernandes Retrorocket Pro Fretless Guitar

Fernandes Retrorocket Fretless Guitars
Review by Rahul Mukerji

Bryce Fretless Guitar

Bryce Fretless Guitar

Godin Glissentar

Godin Glissentar

The eleven string cross between Oud and Guitar.

Godin Multiac Nylon SA Fretless

Godin Multiac Nylon Fretless

The first fretless to offer synth access via the 13 pin Roland system.

Glissentar vs Multiac Nylon Fretless

A shootout between the two Godin models above with comments from players and reviewers.

Godin MultiOud (Steel String)


Add ons:

Fernandes Sustainer

Fernandes sustainer driver pickup

If you want to know how the Fernandes Sustainer performs with a fretless guitar, find out here.

Fitting a Fernandes Sustainer

Fenandes Sustainer fitted

Easy or difficult, find out in this step-by-step guide to fitting a Fernandes Sustainer.

Gizmotron 2.0

Four fretless guitars and one Gizmotron, with video.

Gizmotron 2.0 revisited

Gizmotron fitted



TBX1 Tuning Box

TBX1 close up

A look at an intriguing device that retunes your MIDI notes to alternate scales.

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