Album review & tour dates – The Colours of Time – Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier

The Colours of Time, cover

“The Colours of Time” is a double CD, the first featuring the Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier Duo and the second featuring the Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier Quartet where they are joined by drummer Paul Cavaciuti and bass player Raph Mizraki.

Promotional Tour Dates 2016

• January 31st, Bedales, Petersfield, UK
• February 2nd, Crazy Coqs, London, UK (album launch)
• February 5th, Lowestoft Jazz Club, Lowestoft, UK
• February 14th, Dempsey, Cardiff, UK
• February 15th, Swansea Jazzland, Swansea, UK
• February 16th, Aberjazz, Fishguard, UK
• February 19th, North London, UK
• March 7th, Hastings, UK
• March 8th, Chichester College, UK
• March 9th, the Cellar, Pool, UK
• March 10th, Bridport, UK
• March 11th, Lyme Regis Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, UK
• March 16th, The Spin Jazz Club, Oxford, UK
• March 17th, Birmingham Jazz Club, Birmingham, UK
• March 18th, Forest Hill Theater, New Milton, UK
• March 19th, Ashburton, UK
• March 20th, Appledore Jazz Club, UK
• March 21st, St-Ives Jazz Club, UK
• March 22nd, St-Austell, UK
• March 23rd, B-Bar, Plymouth, UK
• March 25th, CICCIC, Taunton, UK
• March 26th, Bath, UK
• March 28th, Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Society, UK
• March 29th, Lescart, Sheffield, UK
• March 30th, Southport Jazz Club, UK (review)
• March 31st, Wakefield Jazz Club, Wakefield, UK
• April 1st, Bonnington, Nottingham, UK
• April 2nd, JazzEast. Felixstowe, UK
• April 5th, Bookshop, Oxford, UK
• April 13th, Electric Palace, Harwich, UK
• April 15th, Worton Farm, Oxford, UK
• April 25th, The Electric Theatre, Guildford, UK
• April 27th, Fisher Theater, Bungay, UK
• April 28th, The Fleece Jazz Club, UK
• May 14th, The Boater, Kingston, UK
• November 23rd, Narbeth, Wales
• November 24th, Oswestry, Wales
• December 1st, the Hunter Club, Bury St-Edmund, UK
• December 3rd, Colchester Art Centre, Colchester, UK
• December 8th, Derby Jazz, Derby, UK
• December 14th, Kiste, Stuttgart, Germany
• December 15th,, Belgium
• December 16th, Eupen Jazz Club, Belgium
• December 17th, Mampf, Frankfurt, Germany
• December 19th, Jazz ohne Stress, Freiburg, Germany
• December 20th, XXeme, Fribourg, Switzerland


Nicolas Meier & Pete Oxley
Pete Oxley (left) Nicolas Meier (right) Baglama (extreme right)


nicolas meier glissentar
Nicolas Meier, with Glissentar

The Colours of Time


Duo recorded in May 2016 at MGP studios by Nicolas Meier
Quartet recording in July 2016 at Blue Moon Studio, Oxfordshire by Mark Lee
Mixed in July and August 2016 at Precision Mastering UK by Jeremy Paul Carroll and Pete Oxley
Mastered in September 2016 by Jeremy Paul Carroll at Precision Mastering UK
Paintings by Songul Yilmaz-Meier –
Photography by Virgule Rimp
Design by Nicolas Meier and Miguan
Produced by Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier
Catalog: MGPCD019



Pete Oxley – guitars
Nicolas Meier – guitars

1) The Key of Klimt (8:05)
Pete – Nylon String (1st solo), Nicolas – Nylon String (2nd solo)
2) Meeting Dewa (5:40)
Pete – Steel & Electric, Nicolas – Nylon (solo), Steel and Acoustic 12 String
3) A Piece for Peace (7:02)
Pete – Nylon String (1st solo) Synth & Electric 12 String, Nicolas – Nylon (2nd solo) Acoustic 12 String
4) Waltz for Dilek (6:03)
Pete – Nylon String (1st solo), Nicolas – Nylon (2nd solo) Acoustic 12 String
5) Princes’ Islands (6:28)
Pete – Nylon String, Nicolas – Fretless nylon (1st solo) Acoustic 12 String
6) In Restless Repose (6:00)
Pete – Electric Synth (1st solo) Electric 12 String, Nicolas – Nylon Fretless  (2nd solo)
7) Song for Z.T. (6:09)
Pete – Nylon String (1st solo), Nicolas – Nylon String (2nd solo)
8) Sahara (5:44)
Pete – Nylon String (1st solo), Nicolas – Glissentar (2nd solo) acoustic 12 string
9) Bosphorus (4:26)
Pete – Nylon String (1st & 3rd solo), Nicolas – Nylon & Steel String (2nd solo)
10) First Day of Spring (7:59)
Pete – Electric 12 String Nylon & Jazz (solo), Nicolas – Acoustic 12 String & Nylon (2nd solo)

Tracks 1,3,6,7,10 – written by Pete Oxley
Tracks 2,4,5,8,9 – written by Nicolas Meier


Pete Oxley – guitars
Nicolas Meier – guitars
Raph Mizraki – acoustic and electric basses
Paul Cavaciuti – drums

1) The Followers (6:10)
Pete – Jazz Guitar (solo), Nicolas – Acoustic 12 String
2) looking West (7:26)
Pete – Nylon String (1st solo), Nicolas – Nylon String (2nd solo),
3) Chasing Kites (6:47)
Pete – Nylon String (solo), Nicolas – Nylon String
4) Riversides (5:14)
Pete – Electric 12 String, Nicolas – Glissentar (solo)
5) Tales (5:20)
Pete – Electric 12 String (2nd solo), Nicolas – Steel String (1st solo)
6) The Purple Panther (8:08)
Pete – Jazz Guitar (1st solo), Nicolas – Jazz Guitar (2nd solo)
7) Breeze (6:24)
Pete – Electric 12 String, Nicolas – Glissentar (2nd solo)
8) Fethiye Crossroads (7:14)
Pete – Jazz Guitar (2nd solo), Nicolas – Nylon String (1st solo)

Tracks 2,3,6 – written by Pete Oxley
Tracks 1,4,5,7,8 – written by Nicolas Meier

The Colours of Time – Review

Like Nicolas’ previous albums his wife Songul created the artwork, and like the previous albums that artwork subtely reflects the musical content.

We had heard some of the new tracks at Nicolas and Pete’s concert in Merseyside last year so it was a joy to be able to have the tracks in the flesh, as it were.

Not for the first time I wonder how to describe the duo’s music, safe to say it’s close to jazz, with Latin, and Turkish thrown in. What is best, it is all new and refreshing, each album sees an improvement on the last, production on the “Duo” CD is excellent, the guitars have a projection and sound quality is impressive.

A nice stand out track is “Waltz for Dilek” the time signature very well suited to the duo’s style. First outing for the fretless guitar is track 5 “Princes’ Islands” (a group of Islands just outside Istanbul) and showcases Nic’s ability to weave a Turkish theme into the music.

One thing you can rely on, the music is never going where you think it is, just when you think you have the hang of it, it veers off in another direction, “Sahara” is a good example with Nicolas playing (fretless) Glissentar.

This first CD of the set titled “Duo” is a fine example of the pair refining their work and progressing their art, but what happens when you expand the group to a Quartet?

Well, you may be familiar with some of the tracks: The Followers, Looking West, Chasing Kites, Tales & Riversides from the album “Chasing Tales”, and the track Breeze from the albums “Travels to the West” & “Breeze”.  The good news is the tremendous lift percussion and bass gives to these songs. We already heard that on the recently reviewed “Infinity” from Nicolas Meier. (Which also features Riversides)

While I really like the duo, the quartet is a real joy to listen to, and nice to hear the tracks revisited, fascinating to get into the wiring of the music and hear it expanded to a quartet.

Who would I recommend the album to? Well just about any guitarist / jazz fan, where would I play it? The Duo perhaps late at night to chill out, the Quartet, in the car, loud and with the throttle down!

I recommend getting hold of this album first and then attending one of the gigs listed above, you will not be disappointed.


Review – Jahloon, January 2017

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