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ProNounced Triple-V VVV

Michael ‘aTonal’ Vick returns as VVV in his new release Sound As Music Presents: ProNounced Triple-V (VVV). Most of this recording features Vick playing all instruments & many found objects to create a unique sonic-palette, hence ‘Sound As Music’.

Michael Vick Trilby
Michael Vick

In his own words: “Microtones are in the air, microtones are everywhere. Then why do most compose with 12 when an infinite amount of pitches are constantly floating around? Go outside & listen with awareness to the beauty of the natural world & frequencies that sing to our subconscious. Then compose without a fixed-pitched instrument having 12 on the brain and from there hear the harmonic beauty that is you in the world & communicating with the universe or Just to a friend emphasizing the consonance & dissonance with pure harmony as your sonic-guide” – VVV

Artists Credits

Michael Vick as VVV (extended/limited guitars/glissentar/fretless guitars/12-tup/24-tet basses/keys/ipads/percussionz/found objects/vocals)
MonoNeon (Dywane Thomas, Jr.) (basses, tracks 11, 16 & 18)
Johnny Reinhard (bassoon & recorder, track 9)
Ryan Shah (tabla, tracks 11, 12 & 19)
Brad Catler (percussion, track 9)
Geoff ‘G5’ Cormier (drums, tracks 10,15 & 23)
Todd Campbell (drums, tracks 21 & 23)
Siddharth Chaudhuri (vocals, track 19)
Scott Hilton (vocals/SweetTooth, tracks 7 & 22)
Steve Slang (1st track bed, track 10)

Recording Locations

The Mysterious MicroTonal-Hole
New York, NY
Amphitheater of the Americas
Memphis, TN
Furman Hall
Ashville, NC
Quebec, Canada
Various outdoor locations…


1. Pron-Overtures Introd 3:57
2. Fatkins-Limestone-Diet 5:03
3. Fast-Forward-2blissy 5:03
4. Mixed-Glories 3:22
5. Sailing on Holes of Time 2:40
6. Shift in Tonics (Nuur-Head) 5:17
7. Flarvago 5:00
8. Maylo-Semaney 2:57
9. Kieran / Nomphe 6:24
10. Glass* – Electric-Springboard 1:17
11. Ginseng-Chances *Part 1 5:21
12. 3rd-Ven a-Chargin’ 0:56
13. Ask Me….. 1:56
14. Makonee-Roo9 3:22
15. Lowen the Down 3:56
16. 43-Flowers Charming* – HighHallLow 2:54
17. Sit on Top Near, That’s Why… *Part 2 4:41
18. Rises Again Begin……. (Mn / Mv) 3:19
19. Sassy-Compliances 2:56
20. Inciting-Freedom to Realizations 5:20
21. Waive over Tunnel – Bridges 0:58
22. Pythagorian-Slangin’ 2:24
23. Pron-Closings Sauce 2:45
24. (Hidden Track) When Love Just Melts Away VVV………0:08


Well first of let’s see why the album is called “ProNounced Triple-V” well it is a nod to the 1973 debut album from Lynyrd Skynyrd “Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd”.


If you like avant-garde, atonal, microtonal music, this is a great album! Michael Vick has come a long way in twenty years and this is definitely his best album to date. It draws from a lot of earlier Vick influences and these benefit from lots of vocals. The tracks are collected from various live and studio performances, but blend together as a collective whole. There is an amazing amount of sounds and a huge variety of performances which make this one of the most varied and interesting fretless guitar albums to date.

Michael Vick and Johnny Reinhard

His collaborators feature Johnny Reinhard, renowned microtonalist on bassoon and organiser of the American Festival of Microtonal Music.

Mononeon (Dywane Thomas, Jr.) features on three tracks, the last bass player to play with Prince. Drummer Todd Campbell also drops in on two tracks, with more percussion from Ryan Shah, Brad Catler and Geoff ‘G5’ Cormier. Vocals from Siddharth Chaudhuri, Scott Hilton and Steve Slang complete the line up.

I really like this album, it expresses a lot what can be found in microtonal and experimental music. There is a school of thought that expresses the view that microtonal music should not be introduced slowly to the uninitiated, but it should be introduced full on, well folks, this is the deep end, dive in….

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Sound As Music – Michael aTonal Vick’s website

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