Album Review: Peaceful – Nicolas Meier World Group

Peaceful – Nicolas Meier World Group


Nicolas Meier Peaceful CD


Recorded in September 2018 at Slipway Studios by Simone Filali and in October 2018 at MGP studios by Nicolas Meier
Mixed and Mastered in April and May 2019 at Precision Mastering UK by Jeremy Paul Carroll.
Painting by Songul Yilmaz-Meier –
Photos by Eric Humair
Produced by Nicolas Meier
Produced by Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier
Catalog: MGPCD022


1) Besiktas Cafe (3;40)
2) Mazanita Samba (7.04)
3) Peaceful (7.39)
4) Caravan of Anatolia (5.09) – fretless
5) Water Lilies (5.37)
6) Princes’ Islands (6.01) – fretless
7) City of the 3 Rivers(7.17)
8) The Island (6.36) – fretless
9) Soho Square (6.47)

All compositions © and ℗ N.Meier (SUISA)

The World Group

Nicolas Meier World Group

Left To Right:
Nicolas Meier – Nylon fretted and fretless guitars, 12 string guitar, Glissentar.
Richard Jones – Violin
Kevin Glasgow – Bass
Demi Garcia – Percussion

CD peaceful

Like Nicolas’ previous albums his wife Songul created the artwork, and like the previous albums that artwork subtely reflects the musical content.

The album starts off with “Besiktas Cafe” with some wonderful staccato guitar, balanced against Richard’s violin part continuing though “Mazanita Samba” which premiered on “The Alluring Ascent“. “Peaceful” the title track, gives an excellent chance for both players to contribute to the whole.

The first fretless track “Caravan of Anatolia” builds tension well into “Water Lilies” a Spanish sojourn both in sound and rhythm.

“Princes’ Islands” A tune about the four islands just outside Istanbul you might just remember from “Colours of Time

“The City of the 3 Rivers” flows into the last fretless track “The Island”

What can I say about the last track “Soho Square” ? Possibly Georgia, I thought perhaps the band were playing with us at this point.

Who would I recommend the album to? Well just about any guitarist / jazz fan.

When to play it: Just before guests arrive, it has the calmness and expectancy of a great evening.

review – Jahloon, July 2019

Peaceful teaser video


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