Album review – Infinity – Nicolas Meier, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jimmy Haslip

Nicolas Meier Infinity

With Nicolas Meier’s track record boasting an impressive back catalogue of innovative music this album was much anticipated and it does deliver everything promised. Release date is Friday 14th October 2016

Nicolas Meier infinity rear

Nicolas plays Acoustic fretless and fretted nylon string and steel string guitars, glissentar, baglama, synth guitar and electric guitars. Joining him on drums is the legendary Vinnie Colaiuta and completing the line up is Jimmy Haslip on bass.


Produced by Nicolas Meier
Executive Producer: Leonardo Pavkovic
Worldwide distribution: Favored Nations
Recorded by Derek Jones at Megatrax Studios, Los Angeles, USA
Mixed and Mastered by Jeremy Paul Carroll
All compositions Nicolas Meier
Painting by Songul Yimaz-Meier
Album design by Miguan Ascanio

Meier band Infinity
Photo by Leonardo Pavkovic

Album Preview

Nicolas Meier explains how the album came together and details the artists and guests contributing their talents.


If you are familiar with Nicolas’ work you will recognise a few tracks; Yemin from the Jeff Beck tours, Riversides and Tales from Chasing Tales and Kismet from err… Kismet. However everything is given a tremendous lift by the choice of drums and bass, Vinnie Colaiuta and Jimmy Haslip respectively. They drive the tracks along and make this an exciting album to listen to, Nicolas’ playing is fluid as ever and his knack of splitting a song into sections going from full speed ahead to gently relaxed works very well here. Violin features on all but three tracks and fits in very well without being obtrusive. I really like the way violin is used in “Rose on Water” balanced against the guitar parts.

The album has a very cultured feel to it, you can hear influences from Turkey, Egypt, Europe, America, all blended in Nicolas’ magic melting pot. If you have not heard Nicolas Meier before, I do urge you to get hold of this album, it is a tour de force that you will not be disappointed with, there are some great fretless guitar parts not to mention all the other instruments! Highly recommended.

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