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Ned Evett Glass Guitar

It has been five long years since Ned Evett released his Adrian Belew produced album “Treehouse” and now the long awaited “Glass Guitar” (Vol 1) released September 20, 2016, is now available. Ned describes it as twelve songs of desert madness and tropical fevers.

Glass Guitar was recorded over four days in February 2016. Ned Evett was the first innovator to produce glass-necked fretless guitars which are used on the album; unlike a traditional slide guitar, his fretless guitars produce both the rhythm sounds along with complex lead lines. The use of glass for the fretless fingerboards produces a distinctive, shimmering tone.

Glass Guitar (Vol 1)

  1. Hard Rock Denio
  2. Waiting on the Truth
  3. Greatest Generation
  4. Robot’s Daughter
  5. Crying for You
  6. Firefly
  7. Never Gonna Give You Up
  8. Abigail in the Morning
  9. Be a Good Breaker Upper
  10. When I Give Up on You
  11. Right This Time Around
  12. Golden Gate


Ned Evett: Vocals, Fretless Glass-Necked Guitars, piano, bass
Todd Chavez: Cajon
Recorded at Audio Boise, Idaho. Mixed at Upstairs studios Los Angeles.
Mastered by Doctor Mix, London U.K.


Once again Ned Evett brings us a solid album of his brand of Americana songs and stories. He has that knack of writing songs that feel somehow familiar, but are of course are new, and that takes some doing. From the very soulful “When I Give Up on You” (my favourite) through to the tongue-in-cheek “Be a Good Breaker Upper” the songs are more stories in their own right. As an example “Golden Gate” is the story of Ned’s Fretless guitar and can be seen in the video “Waiting on the Truth”.

Ned Evett's Golden Gate
Golden Gate Fretless Guitar

One new device Ned uses to great effect on the album is his “Slide Capo” which is a combination of a glass slide and an elastic capo, you can see this in use on the video below.

Local sales of the album in Idaho, USA, puts “Glass Guitar” at number one, well ahead of some pretty famous folks.

Ned Evett number one

To sum up, Ned Evett has delivered an excellent album of top notch original songs, along with some brilliant Fretless Guitar playing. Go buy – you will not be disappointed.



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