Album Review and Tour Dates – The Alluring Ascent – Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier

The Alluring Ascent

Artwork the Alluring Ascent


Recorded in December 2018 at Blue Moon Studios by Mark Lee and in January 2019 at MGP studios by Nicolas Meier
Mixed in January and February 2019 at Precision Mastering UK by Jeremy Paul Carroll and Pete Oxley
Mastered in February 2019 by Jeremy Paul Carroll at Precision Mastering UK
Paintings by Songul Yilmaz-Meier –
Quartet photography by Virgule Rimp, duo photography by Neil Garrett, photo of Keith by Steve Foster
Design by Nicolas Meier
Produced by Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier
Catalog: MGPCD021


1)  The Austin Bar (5.09) Pete – Sitar guitar (2nd solo) Nic – acoustic 12 string guitar (1st solo)
2) The Gift (7.32) Pete – Jazz guitar (1st solo) Nic – nylon string guitar (2nd solo)
3) East Coast Joys (7.02) Pete – Steel and electric 12 string guitars (solo) Nic – steel and electric 12 string guitars
4) Manzanita Samba (6.26) Pete – Nylon string guitar (1st solo) Nic – nylon (2nd solo) acoustic 12 string guitars
5) September Song (7.29) Pete – Nylon (1st solo) steel & slide & electric 12 string guitar Nic – nylon (2nd solo)
6) Our Homeland (6.24) Pete – Nylon string guitar (2nd solo) Nic – Glissentar (1st solo) & acoustic 12 string guitar
7) Autumn Enters (6.24) Pete – Sitar guitar (2nd solo) Nic – nylon string guitar (1st solo)
8) The Key of Klimt (7.38) Pete – Nylon String (solo), Nicolas – Nylon String
9) Walk In The Sky (5.52) Pete – Nylon string (2nd solo) & sitar guitars Nic -nylon (1st solo) acoustic 12 string guitars
10) Our Beautiful Frantic Lives (7.50) Pete – Jazz guitar (1st & 3rd solos) Nic – nylon string guitar (2nd & 4th solos) steel &  acoustic 12 string guitars

Tracks 2,3,5,7,8 – written by Pete Oxley
Tracks 1,4,6,9,10 – written by Nicolas Meier
All compositions © and ℗ P.Oxley (PRS) N.Meier (SUISA)


Pete and Nick quartet

Pete Oxley – guitars
Nicolas Meier – guitars
Raph Mizraki – acoustic and electric basses, darbuka (track 6)
Paul Cavaciuti – drums
Keith Fairbairn – Percussion (tracks 2,3,5,7,8 all the Pete Oxley compositions)

The Alluring Ascent – Review

The Alluring Ascent (back cover)

This is a nice CD to own, one hour and eight minutes of great music. Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier with Raph Mizraki on bass and Paul Cavaciuti on drums. Keith Fairborn joins with percussion on the tracks written by Pete Oxley.

Unlike The Colours of Time double CD which featured a Duo CD and a Quartet CD this is a quartet / quintet combination arranged so the tracks can also be played as a duo when that format is used on stage.

Like Nicolas’ previous albums his wife Songul created the artwork, and like the previous albums that artwork subtely reflects the musical content.

All of the tracks are new apart from a reworking of “The Key Of Klimt” which was the opening track on Colours of Time. Must ask Pete if it is Gustav Klimt.

The only credited fretless tack is “Our Homeland” with Nic bringing out his Glissentar to wield a more Turkish feel.

How would I describe the feel of the album? Definitely I can now tell the difference between the Nic tracks and the Pete tracks, The Nic tracks have an open feel to them, almost influenced by “Infinity” while the Pete tracks are more closed in.

Who would I recommend the album to? Well just about any guitarist / jazz fan. If you fall into either category “The Alluring Ascent” will be a solid addition to any music collection.

I recommend getting hold of this album first and then attending one of the gigs listed below, you will not be disappointed.

Review – Jahloon, March 2019

Pete Oxley / Nicolas Meier

pete and Nick meier

The Oxley Meier guitar project will launch their new album on 6th March 2019 at the 606 club.

This is their follow up to the very successful “Colours of Time” album and is titled “The Alluring Ascent”

Tour dates:
March 1st, The Bear, Luton, UK
March 6th, 606 Jazz Club, London ALBUM LAUNCH, UK
March 7th, The Spin Jazz Club, Oxford, UK
March 8th, Wakefield Jazz Club, Wakefield, UK
March 9th, Zeffirelli’s, Amblesides, UK
March 11th, Lewes Jazz Club, UK
March 12th, Hastings Jazz Club, UK
March 14th, Poole Jazz Club, UK
March 15th, Bridport Arts Center, UK
March 16th, Verdict, Brighton, UK
March 17th, Chandros Arms, North London, UK
March 20th, Swansea Jazz Club, UK
March 21st, Narberth, UK
March 22nd, Tolman Center, Falmouth, UK
March 23rd, CICIC, Taunton, UK
March 24th, (lunch time) Plymouth, UK
March 24th, (evening) Frome, UK
March 25th, Beavers inn, Appledore Jazz Club, UK
March 27th, Speakeasy, Torquays, UK
March 29th, Illminster Arts Center, UK
March 30th, Ashcroft Arts center, UK
April 1st, Kenilworth, UK
April 5th, Didcot., UK
April 6th, Hadleigh, UK
April 7th , Lowestoft, UK
April 12th, Birmingham, UK
April 17th, St-Austell, TBC
April 20th, Worton Organic Farm, UK
May 9th, Harwich, UK
May 12th, Berkshire Maestros, UK
May 21st, Twickenham Jazz Club, Twickenham, UK
May 23rd, Kiste, Stuttgart, Germany
May 24th, Bretts, Eupen, Belgium
May 25th, Bretts, Eupen, Belgium
May 26th, Mampf, Frankfurt, Germany
June 1st, Lichfield Jazz and Blues Festival, UK
July 3rd, Centre Suedois, Paris, France
July 5th, Normandie, France
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