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Fretless Guitar – The Definitive Guide

The Full History of the Fretless Guitar:
John Lennon’s fretless, Jimi Hendrix’s fretless, Frank Zappa on fretless.
Fretless Guitar Festivals from around the World.
Fretless Guitar Hardware and how to set up a fretless guitar. (what no luthier will tell you)
Converting a normal fretted guitar to a fretless guitar. (step by step guide)
Building a Fretless Guitar. (from readily available materials)
How to play a Fretless Guitar. (tuning, scales, chords, alternate tuning)
Fretless Guitar and MIDI. (plus a few MIDI myths exploded)
Fretless Guitar Gallery. (the pretty ones)
The Fretless Guitar Players. (the pretty ones too!)
Fretless CD’s (over 200 listed)
The Fretless Guitar Dictionary.
All you need to enter the very exclusive world of fretless guitar including:
pros and cons and FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions that your mother never, ever, told you.)


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Fretless Guitar – The Definitive Guide, 77 pages in full colour printed on high quality gloss paper.


Price: £14.99

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Village of the Unfretted – Double CD

Featuring the World’s Fretless Guitarists, 35 artists from 17 Countries, 2.5 hours of music on 2 CDs, 16 page full colour illustrated insert detailing all artists.

Album Tracks

Part I (disk one)
1 Hip To Hop – Eddie DeGenaro
2 Liftoff – Tim Donahue
3 The Evidence – Ned Evett
4 Balcan Fire – Vassilis Ketentzoglou
5 Village Waves – Yan Vagh
6 The shortcut – Emre Meydan
7 Barely Makin’ It – Eric Rhodes Band
8 Twelve is Even More Slippery – Tim Mirth
9 Pearl Land – C# Orchestra
10 Crunch – Edward Powell
11 Shamata – Sándor Szabó & Balazs Major
12 Art of Mung – Gazmungus
13 Hushabye – Jim Kimsey
14 Lullaby for Che – David Fiuczynski
15 Tuto E Come Prima – Ratko Zjaca & Stanislav Mitrovic
16 C.O.L.D. – Gunnar Backman

Part II (disk two)
1 Mafalda – Bumblefoot
2 Twins – Elliott Sharp
3 Return to Unfretted – Newbie Brad
4 Mathews Got A Noisy Haircut – James Went
5 Slide Thing Swamp Jam – Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry
6 Proximity of Wales – Jahloon
7 Untune Your Time – Luca Formentini and Andrea Nones
8 There is no such Thing – Tellef Øgrim
9 L.T.T.C. – Andrzej Izdebski
10 The Place of Three Roads – Greg Segal
11 Nook – The Tom Baker Quartet
12 La Traversata – Franck Vigroux & Cecile Rives
13 Aktur – Deniz Atalay
14 Nacimiento – Yannick Robert
15 The Effect of Living Backwards – Erik Hinds
16 Not Yesterday – Morgan Kraft
17 Regret – Billy Dugger IV
18 Rholex – Benjamin Miller
19 VVVick My Neck – Michael ATONAL Vick


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The seminal fretless double CD which has changed hands on ebay from £33.84 to £54.02, over two and a half hours of ground breaking music.


Old Price: £15.00

Price: £10.00

You save: £5.00

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