Tim Donahue Fretless Selva model to be produced in 2016

The Tim Donahue Selva Fretless Guitar is going back into production after a break of nearly thirty years. Originally eighteen guitars were made and they rarely come onto the market so this will be great news for anyone who hankers after one of these fine instruments.

Tim Donahue Selva 1

In Tim’s own words….

Here is my 1986 TD fretless Model, sounding better than ever after all these years. I’m happy to announce that these models are going to be produced once again in 2016. For guitarists who love Jaco Pastorius’ fat fretless tone, this is the guitar for you. Anyone interested please drop me a line at tdharpguitars@gmail.com

Tim Donahue Selva on Stage


Here is a chance to listen to Christophe Godbile playing his Tim Donahue Fretless Selva on the track “Avec Certitude” from the album “Les Mouvements”


Unfretted’s review of the Tim Donahue 1986 Selva

One thought on “Tim Donahue Fretless Selva model to be produced in 2016

  1. Here’s an update from Tim: At the meeting with my manufacturer yesterday we also discussed production of the 6-string we both own and love. They are ready to produce, once I get the revised plans to them (2018 for sure!)

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