News of Tim Donahue’s New Opera “The Cage” + Video

Tim Donahue with Tomoe Kinoshita

Tim Donahue is working on a New Rock Opera entitled “The Cage” and has already performed the title track at his Xmas Day Gig in 2015. Tim tells us the Madmen opera is coming together nicely, compositionally and performance-wise.

The completed Opera will be performed later in 2016.

Youtube – The Cage

A thunderous rendition of the opening track to Tim Donahue’s new opera “The Cage” with Tomoe Kinoshita joining Madmen & Sinners onstage Christmas Day, 2015. Thank you everyone for enjoying…


Devil’s Theme – part 1

More pictures…

Tim Donahue fretless guitar

Tim Donahue concert 1

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