Ned Evett crowd funding new album “Glass Guitar”

Ned Evett Globro Fretless Guitar

It has been nearly 5 years since the release of Ned Evett’s last album “Treehouse” so it is great to hear the news that he is working on a new album titled “Glass Guitar” and we have a video of one of the tracks from the album called “Comeback” which is a real treat as it shows Ned playing four fretless guitars in the quad split screen format of the video – rather clever.

Like “Treehouse” the new album “Glass Guitar” will be crowd funded via gofundme with some really nice rewards ranging from just the album, through to a personal house concert. (Continental USA only)


“Comeback” from the album “Glass Guitar” using four of Ned’s glass neck guitars (he does have more). Top left is The Golden Gate, which was Ned’s first guitar with a glass neck, made in 1996 and named after the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Top Right is a Fernandes Native Pro used to get the pedal steel sounds on the track. Bottom left is a JD Peavey stretch telecaster and bottom right the “Globro” the first resonator guitar to be fitted with a glass neck (2005).

Editor’s note: This track will now be featured on Glass Guitar (Vol 2)


Glass Guitar – gofundme

Review of Glass Guitar (Vol 1)

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