Lava Fretless Guitars – Lithuanian Boutique Lutherie

The Lava Fretless Guitar

Lava Front

Design by Rapolas Grazys, Vilnius Academy of Arts.

LAVA is a new unique and innovative musical instruments brand. These beautiful guitars are created by Lithuanian designer Rapolas Gražys and range in price from €2400 to €2900 Euros (Autumn 2015). His team uses hand selected finest grade Sapele or Maple wood together with finest grade Ebony fingerboards. At the moment the fretless instruments  use LACE pickups (Alumitone-neck, splitable; Deathbucker- bridge position). An alternative is Seymour Duncan alnico pro 2 humbuckers.

Rapolas Gražys

In his own words – I got inspiration from classical instruments: cello, violin, contrabass and Eastern instruments, the main detail of which is fretless neck. With fretless neck you can provide shade sounds, such as microtones. This demands a “skilled hand” while playing, but for musician it gives wider opportunities. Vibrating notes with fretless neck, opposite then with guitar with frets, makes a unique sound and reminds us of the motives of ethnic music, which is the keystone of the music I create and that this project is. What concerns visual aspect, the fretless neck does not uglify form with vertical sections and the artistic form remains pure. – Rapolas Gražys

More Pictures

Lava lying down

The jack socket is secretly located at the rear, right of the strap pin.

Lava volume split

Three position switch and volume control.

Lava slim body and neck

Ultra thin body and neck.

Unique fret marking

Fret markers on the side of the neck.

Lava Headstock


Lava pickups & bridge

Bridge and pickups, all gold hardware.

Lava rear

Rear of the Lava Fretless Guitar



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