Fretless Guitar News – September 2019

Well were headed through September and its proving to be the twenty first edition for Fretless Guitar News.

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If you want to join the Unfretted Forum just send a request by email. Sadly, due to so many SPAM accounts the Forum is no longer accepting auto login for new members.

New(ish) Pages

Nicolas Meier Peaceful CD

Nicolas Meier has released the album “Peaceful” with his World Group featuring Demi Garcia on Percussion Kevin Glasgow on Bass and Richard Jones on Violin. Review.

Letters incoming

Dear Unfretted,
My name is Nico Couck and I am active both as a classical and electric guitarist. The main music that occupies my daily life is that of the classical and of the contemporary (classical) music scene.
For a while now I have been acquainted with the German-English composer Wieland Hoban. Back in January 2018 he had finally finished a chamber concerto for me. The instrument in question, though, was a fretless electric guitar. In October 2019 the concerto will have its premiere during Transit Festival in Leuven, Belgium.
In my own performance practice the electric guitar is a standard instrument, but a fretless was new. Honestly, for some reason I always assumed that a fretless electric guitar was not *that* uncommon, but it turned out that the fretless bass guitar pretty much is the prevailing variant. I did not even know there was a Fretless Guitar Festival! For the study of Hoban’s composition I have been using his own instrument, though. It was only after looking into buying a fretless guitar myself that I stumbled upon Unfretted.
The reason for writing this is that it struck me how Hoban’s composition seems to delve into an even more niche scene of the fretless guitar. The required instrument is not not only fretless, but it is also tuned in C and needs to have a Floyd Rose bridge. The beauty of it all is that he managed to treat it as a completely self-contained instrument (by borrowing techniques from his own string writing) and not merely as a guitar which happens to have no frets.
All of this and the fact that I am very happy to have found your website are things I simply wanted to share. Thank you for the wonderful resource!
…ends nico

We put Nico in touch with Rich Perks, who has a similar profile, it turns out That Nico lectured in Hong Kong in 2018.


Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg

September 25 is the release date for our live album recorded at Kafé Hærverk in November 2018. Harri Sjöström will play with us as he did on the recording. Looking forward to seeing you at the Kafé for a grande release event!

Uupsal Ogrim and Berg

Sinan Cem Eroğlu

I’m thrilled to announce that my new album “wired / layered” is available on all digital platforms. On that album that was recorded in Hamburg, Istanbul and Los Angeles, I composed eight tracks and arranged, recorded, played, mixed and mastered all the tracks, designed art work, and created my own label. Thanks to my precious sister and glamorous voice Azam Ali, my virtuoso friend Muhlis Berberoglu, amazing singer & rapper Berry, my indispensable bass guitarist Erdem Tekinay, gorgeous photographer Emre Bozboga, Sercan Yilmaz and Ertan Keser for their support. I can’t wait to hear your comments about this album that I released under my own label SCE Musical Sounds. – Sinan

Cini cem Ergleau
Offsite fretless

Carlo Domeniconi Plays AUM for fretless Guitar


Pete Oxley / Nicolas Meier

pete and Nick meier

The Oxley Meier guitar project launched their new album on 6th March 2019 at the 606 club.

This is their follow up to the very successful “Colours of Time” album and is titled “The Alluring Ascent”

Tour dates:
September 29th, Herts Jazz festival, UK
October 18th, Birmingham, UK
October 19th, Teignmouth Jazz festival, UK
December 15th, Moods Jazz, Zurich, Switzerland, TBC
December 17th, Jazz Ohne Stress, Freiburg, Germany
December 18th, XXeme, Fribourg, Switzerland

Nicolas Meier World Group

Nicolas Meier World Group

Touring to promote their recent album “Peaceful”​
September 30th, Hamburg, Germany
October 1st, Bremen, Germany
October 3rd, Swansea Festival, UK
October 4th, Whitney Jazz Club, Whitney, UK​
October 12th, Oliver’s Jazz, Greenwich, UK
October 20th, Jazz Nights, Clare, Suffolk, UK
October 31st, The Spin Jazz Club, Oxford, UK
November 1st, CICCIC, Taunton, UK
November 2nd, Calstock, UK
November 3rd, Ashburton, UK
November 4th, Beavers Inn, Appledore, UK
November 5th, St-Ives Jazz club, UK
November 7th, Guildford Institute, Guildford, UK
November 9th, The Bear, Luton, UK
November 10th, The Boater, Kingston, UK
November 15th, The Fleece Jazz Club, UK
November 16th, Map Cafe, Camden, UK
November 22nd, Cadogan Hall, London, UK
November 25th, Snowdrop, Lewes, UK
December 3rd, The Stables, Wavendon, UK

More Nicolas Meier gigs

The Old Town Underdogs / DAMJAX / Jack Mazzenga

8th September – Perry’s pizza, Park Ridge- DAMJAX

damjax 28sept19

Elliot Sharpe

e sharpe 30sept19

Consider The Source

Our Album Announcement is here!!! “You Are Literally A Metaphor” was released Friday, March 1st, 2019. You can order your download, CD or Vinyl at as well as stream our 11 minute single “Enemies of magicK” and view the tracklisting.

Upcoming Stateside shows…

09/01/19 Butler, OH, Hookahville
09/06/19 Providence, RI, Fete Music Hall
09/13/19 Greenfield, MA, Wormtown Music Festival
09/19/19 Slippery Rock, PA, Resonance Music Festival
09/25/19 Lancaster, PA, Tellus 360

More CTS gig details

Fretless Videos

Rambo Amadeus

More from Rambo Amadeus and band from Serbia

Rich Perks

From his recent Hong Kong lecture: Improweb MMXIX for fretless guitar (+effects)

Nicolas Meier World Group taster for Peaceful

Offsite Fretless Vides

Erkan Ogur at Neu Guitars

Fretless Guitars for sale

Here’s a really nice classical guitar. (location Turkey)

Parham Bahadoran

Parham Bahadoran is selling this hand made Turkish acoustic Fretless
On ebay:
More News








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