Fretless Guitar News – July 2019

Summer’s here, enjoy July with the nineteenth edition of Fretless Guitar News and read about the search for John Lennon’s fretless and where it ended up.

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Gizmotron fitted

New wheels for Gizmotron 2.0

dfgf eight poster

Review of DFGF 8 – May 2019

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New Releases

Simlas just released MOCKBA by Peeter Uuskyla Tellef Øgrim, check it out here.
Simlas just released
Standards by the Event Horizon by Gunnar Backman, check it out here.
Not quite released yet but Nicolas Meier has announced the album “Peaceful” with his World Group featuring Demi Garcia on Percussion Kevin Glasgow on Bass and Richard Jones on Violin. We will publish a full review when we receive the CD, hopefully later this month.

John Lennon’s Fretless Guitar

Some time back in the history of the sixties we wrote about John Lennon’s fretless guitar. Well, as suspected, it ended up in George Harrison’s collection and is a sunburst Bartell.

Harrison Guitar collection

In the above picture, the fretless Bartell can be seen next to Harrison’s left arm. It is believed Harrison gave it to Ray Russell when working on the film Water  in 1985.

Our friend Paul Brett is committed to tracking down the remaining Bartell / Black Widow / Acoustic fretless and is looking for any further info on these rare prototypes. You can contact him on

New Luthier

Beau Hannam
~ Fine Handcrafted Acoustic Guitars & Ukuleles~

Colorado, USA

ph- 970 623 2586


Offsite Fretless

Seven famous guitarists who have transitioned to Fretless Guitar.


Pete Oxley / Nicolas Meier

pete and Nick meier

The Oxley Meier guitar project launched their new album on 6th March 2019 at the 606 club.

This is their follow up to the very successful “Colours of Time” album and is titled “The Alluring Ascent”

Tour dates:
July 1st, Paris France
July 3rd, Centre Suedois, Paris, France
July 4th, Choisel, France
July 5th, Normandie, France
More Nicolas Meier gigs

The Old Town Underdogs / DAMJAX / Jack Mazzenga

Coming soon…..

Consider The Source

Our Album Announcement is here!!! “You Are Literally A Metaphor” was released Friday, March 1st, 2019. You can order your download, CD or Vinyl at as well as stream our 11 minute single “Enemies of magicK” and view the tracklisting.

Upcoming Stateside shows…

More CTS gig details

Fretless Videos

Buzz Gravelle

Ned Evett

Fretless glass-necked guitar solo on "The Globro".

Posted by Ned Evett on Saturday, 23 March 2019

Offsite Fretless Videos

Erkan Ogur at Neu Guitars

Fretless Guitars for sale

Here’s a really nice classical guitar. (location Turkey)

Doubleneck Fretless / Fretted (Location UK) Reduced by £50

Parham Bahadoran

Parham Bahadoran is selling this hand made Turkish acoustic Fretless
ZR guitar Scarab
ZR Guitars Scarab.
Originally priced at £2490 for the month of July only £1790.


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