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Here it is the seventh edition of Fretless Guitar News, published monthly. As usual the newsletter will be updated as the month goes on, please send me your news!

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Bryce Fretless Guitar

Bryce Fretless Guitar – Review and setup with video.

Cheese Guitar front

Sponge Bo(b) Diddley Emmentaler double neck Fretted / Fretless Guitar with videos full article here.
Editors note: 642 page views in the first two days of publication, currently No. 1 page in July.

Concept Guitar

Fretless Guitar concept where colours represent notes, full article here.

Artist’s News

Ned Evett

Ned Evett Hands

In his own words….

Hi everybody,
Following this weekend I am taking a hiatus from performing for awhile in order to focus on a new treatment path for my left hand. I have a hereditary condition called Dupuytren that causes a nice big fat chunk of calcium to accumulate on the tendons of my left hand, and requires regular injections. This new treatment is radiation based, and should cure the condition. Please help fund me to help get this treatment done.

Help cure Ned’s Hands: Go Fund Me

Cenk Erdogan

In his own words…

Hello to all ; Here is an imporivsation with the first Bartione Fretless Acoustic Guitar build by Turkish Luthier Can Oral ( . It’s my first touch to the baritone fretless guitar, it sounds very rich and full of harmoınics and its magical. I believe every guitar has it’s own music and here is an example of that. I am very happy to have a guitar like this thanks a lot to my luthier Can Oral for this amazing instrument. And special thanks to Anıl Sam for the great framing and shooting of the Baritone Fretless Acoustic Guitar.

713 mm scale length
Back and sides: Indian Rosewood
Top: cedar
Bridge: Rio rosewood
Finger board: Ebony wood
Neck: Spanish cedar
Head Stock: Bubinga wood

Fredrik Pihl

Fredrik Pihl live

Very happy and proud to announce that I am now teaching guitar at JamPlay. I will do live streaming Q&A sessions, jam tracks etc. First live Q&A is due tomorrow. Very excited!!


Off site interview with Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal.


Oxley Meier Guitar Project

Pete Oxley Nicolas Meier

July 8th, Astor Theater, Deal festival, UK
July 13th, Buxton Festival, UK
July 14th, Swanage Jazz Festival, UK

More Oxley Meier Guitar Gigs

The Old Town Underdogs / DAMJAX

Pending news….

Sons of Apollo

Sons of Apollo

July 1st – Maidstone, England – Rambling Man Festival
July 2nd – Motherwell, Scotland – Motherwell Concert Hall
July 3rd – Belfast, Northern Ireland – Limelight
July 4th – Dublin, Ireland – Tivoli
July 14th – Eindhoven, Netherlands – Dynamo MetalFest

More Sons of Apollo tour dates

Consider The Source

CTS summer gigs

07/18/18 Raleigh, NC. The Pour House Music Hall
07/19/18 Atlanta, GA. Vinyl
07/20/18 Fort White, FL. Summer 72 Music Festive
07/22/18 Greensboro, NC. Blind Tiger
07/25/18 Greenville, SC. Gottrocks

More CTS gig details

Addictive TV

Parisian fretless-guitar virtuoso Alejandro de Valera and the Iranian percussionist Arian Sadr from Manchester’s award-winning Haymanot Tesfa Trio join Addictive TV on a tour of the UK. What is addictive TV? Watch the video!

Readmore about the Chester UK gig here…

28 July 2018 This show has been cancelled. If you heve booked, full refunds are available, visit

More gigs and info here, but it looks like the summer gigs are cancelled:

Facebook page – Addictive TV

Sol Aurorae Ensemble

Sol Aurorae Ensemble

The ensemble, Meir Gassenbauer (ney), Juliano Abramovay (fretless guitar), Christina Polycarpou (lyra) and Vassilis Philippou (voice, percussion), will present original music inspired by music traditions of the Mediterranean and Middle East.
Live performance by the ensemble. July 12. Technopolis 20 Cultural Centre, Paphos, Cyprus. 8.30pm.
€10. Tel: 70-002420


The Leif

Tellef Øgrim / Magnus Tenge

the leif cover

Magnus’s middle name is Leif. Tellef is an old combination of the names Tor and Leif. Hence the band name. Except also that the word Leif sounds almost as the English word for the period between birth and death of an organism. Somewhat.

tenge ogrim

1 Notes From A Big Sleep (Øgrim)
2 Bromma (Tenge)
3 Juli (Tenge)
4 The Departure Of Mr D (Øgrim)
5 The Ladder (Øgrim)
6 Daniel (Øgrim)
7 (Hvis du skal av på) Darbu (Øgrim)
8 Lopskow (Tenge)
9 Laridae (Tenge)
10 Itsà

If you know Tellef’s music you know it stands firmly within Scandinavian Avant-Garde. This album is at the other end of that spectrum. It is a very gentle interaction between two electric guitars in a thoughtful relaxing way.

Their music has been described as “Americana jazz music” or “wind-warped, instrumental rock-jazz” but I don’t know if either term hits the nail on head, but I cannot think of another to describe it correctly. I really like this album and recommend you to listen or buy on CD or Vinyl.


Republic of Jazz Blogspot

Fretless Youtube

Buzz Gravelle is putting together a series of fretless guitar lessons on Youtube. Most Excellent!

Fretless Guitar Pics

Travis Forencich built this guitar with mirrored glass neck from Ned Evett.

Travis Forencich with fretless guitar

Travis Forencich close up

Fretless Guitars for sale

Hutchins Fretless Guitar

Hutchins Fretless Guitar (ebay sale now ended)

spanish yamaha fretless

Yamaha C40 Fretless Nylon Guitar (ebay sale now ended)

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  1. Added 10/July/2018: Sol Aurorae Ensemble gig 12/July/2018 in Pathos, Cyprus.
    Added 16/July/2018: Yamaha C40 Fretless Nylon Guitar on ebay.
    Added 24/July/2018: Cancellation of Addictive TV gigs.

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