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Well it might be traditional in some parts to offer a gift at New Year, not that the thirteenth edition of Fretless Guitar News is a gift- yet here it is!

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Reviewed Neil Haverstick’s new book – Hopelessly Microtonal

New website page including latest announcements for the 8th DFGF: Announcement and artists

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Added a few new artists

Review of the year 2018

Happy New Year! It’s 2019 but let us sit down and discuss the year of 2018 Fretless Guitar. (Certain to be a great hit in the kitchen at parties.) Seriously, I could rant for a fair amount of time about the growing popularity of the website, in fine detail, but decided to aggregate all the stats into a 40%  positive increase of traffic over 2017. All very well, but if it continues we should have conquered the known world by 2025.

What about new artists? We now have Stu Brewer, Rich Perks, Emiel Scholsberg, Han van den Essenburg and Buzz Gravelle showing a serious interest in the instrument. These are all established musicians in their own right. and showing an interest by investing +$2000 in a quality instrument, never mind the time and effort required to achieve mastery, shows that the genre is most definitely on the up.

The big news of the year was that the 8th edition of the Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival would take place in Amsterdam at the Q-Factory on  Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of May 2019. The Facebook page – Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival VIII and our own page DFGF VIII – Official Page is where you will find the fine detail.

Quick Review

Ned Evett – Market Songs

Ned Evett - Market Songs

In his own words…
I lived in the Roosevelt Market’s upstairs apartment from 2009-2010 prior to moving to Nashville; the market was my personal and creative salvation at the time. I wrote a number of songs that would appear on my Treehouse and Afraid4U albums as well as unreleased tracks while living there. Please enjoy this rare collection of stripped-down demos, and let’s all remember the market for years to come.  …ends Ned.

Review: A nice little present for 2019, a collection of demos from the Glass Guitarist himself, Ned Evett. All in the demo style, that is Ned in acoustic mode, with his stylistic Americana leanings. You may be familiar with some of the tracks if you already have heard “Treehouse” and “Afraid4U” and this is a most welcome addition to the Everetty section of Unfretted’s Library.


Cenk Erdogan

Cenk Erdogan

Cenk is playing at The International Guitar Night in the Massey Theatre on Thursday, Jan. 24 for a 7:30 p.m. concert. Location: New Westminster, Canada.

Further dates of the tour are:
1.18.2019 – Discovery Theatre, Anchorage AK
1.19.2019 – Discovery Theatre, Anchorage AK
1.24.2019 – Massey Theatre, New Westminster BC
1.25.2019 – Cowichan Theatre, Duncan BC
1.26.2019 – Port Theatre, Nanaimo BC
1.27.2019 – University of Victoria, Victoria BC
1.30.2019 – Wolf Trap Barns, Vienna VA
1.31.2019 – Wolf Trap Barns, Vienna VA

More details

Neil Haverstick

Tuesday January 8th, I’m on the KGNU Kabaret show, 7-8 Denver time…we’ll be talking about my new book “Hopelessly Microtonal,” and I’ll be playing several different instruments. Dan Willging, aka Big Daddy, is the emcee…we go way back, and he’s a great host…hope you can tune in…then

Tuesday January 29th I’m at Dazzle with the Bill Hill Quintet, a remarkable band. Bill is a great percussionist/composer, and he keeps us all on our musical toes…early show, so old folks can be tucked in at a decent hour (me included)…

More Neil Haverstick gigs

Nicolas Meier World Group

Nicolas Meier Glissentar

I will play with the Nicolas Meier world group in December:
Demi Garcia Saba on percussion
Kevin Glasgow at the bass
Richard Jones on violin
(Nic) Me… with all kinds of guitars!!!
January 19th, Garsington, UK

Join Zena, Nic & Andy for soulful songs & groovy grooves on Thurs 17th Jan at The Bulls Head in Barnes, 8pm.
More Nicolas Meier gigs

 The Old Town Underdogs / DAMJAX / Jack Mazzenga

Catch The Old Town Underdogs at Buffalo Creek Brewing this Saturday 12th january 7-10:00

old town underdogs gig 12 jan 2019
Watch out – the show below has been cancelled!!!

DAMJAX 31 Jan 2019

Consider The Source

More CTS gig details

Mahan Mirabab

Fretless Videos

Live from Paris the Mahan Mirabab Trio.

The fretless cümbüş

Some very cool comping…

Fretless Guitars for sale

It is with a heavy heart I have to announce the passing of Greg Barnett. His Kiesal Guitar is now available from his brother, Mike. For more images see our article.

Kiesal Vader Fretless Guitar body

In brother Mike’s own words:
My brother Greg passed away on August 12 due to complications from very aggressive cancers. He had some radical surgery done, some of which was commemorated with a different custom build from Carillion

The Carillion will stay with me, but as a bass player, Mystique is far out of my league. There’s nothing I’d like more than to see her in the hands of a musician who can appreciate and utilize her full potential.

I’m asking $5400.00 for her, which is a little under her build cost, but does not take into account the expenses Greg incurred sourcing some of the exotic wood he then shipped to Kiesel. I am, of course, open to reasonable offers, but as executor of his estate, I do have a certain amount of fiscal responsibility to keep in mind as I consider them.

I’ve added a note below, which comes from Chris Hong’s post on the Kiesel Guitars BBS (Everyone I talked to at Kiesel were great, and I definitely got the sense that they worked really closely with Greg, not just on this guitar, but on his others as well):

“I just got the news from Mike. Terribly sorry for your loss, my condolences to you and your family. Greg was always super nice and always great to talk to. I think the last build we did together was a DC600 with custom controls a while back. He was also in on our Vader run which was a huge milestone for the company. Guys like Greg are the reason why we are where we’re at today with the dedication, support, and word of mouth promotion. Always took time to tell people about us and post pics of his guitars whenever he could, especially the famous KE that he ordered.

I remember when he was trying to put together the build for what would eventually become Mystique, he got so many no’s from both Mike and I because a lot of what he was asking for just wasn’t in the cards or just wasn’t something that we normally did. Some of it was just downright off the wall for us at the time with stuff we didn’t think was possible but he remained persistent and steadfast with his vision. He knew what he wanted and I’m glad he persisted at making his vision come to life. At some point during our conversations about this potential build it got to where I told him that he had to talk to Jeff about this guitar because most of what he wanted wasn’t something I could help him with and that this was all something that only Jeff and the Kiesel Edition build would probably accommodate and even that was potentially a stretch. We thought it would be a flat out no from Jeff because Greg wanted to send in his own pale moon, do some crazy colors, do some stuff with the wood layers on the body and how they would interact with the 5 piece neck, etc. To our surprise Jeff said yes and after a bit of a wait to clear the KE waitlist they got to figuring out what could and couldn’t be done.

The pale moon I think was very thin and it warped on its way here so we had to do what we could to make it workable as a top and back wood. The entire time I kept getting surprised by what we were able to do on his build as it was going through the process. While they had to revise the original vision a few times, as you’ve all seen the final product was definitely something out of this world and I think it is one of the craziest builds we have ever done and probably will ever do which says a lot considering what we put out on a daily basis.

While I can’t speak for the company regarding this I personally feel that his build was one of the ones that helped us to some degree in not only helping other people see what you could potentially do with Kiesel but also helped pushing the boundaries on what we ourselves as a company thought we could do for builds.

He will be missed for sure, I hope he’s rocking out and having a good old time wherever he is now.

If there are any questions I can answer, or suggestions regarding valuation, please let me know. Thanks for reaching out.
Mike Barnett


Adieu Adyu Vigier

This is the newer Vigier with the stainless steel neck, or i-metal, and they don’t come along often, contact Adieu Adyu – PM him here:

Sinan Cem Eroğlu classical guitar

Anil Aras made this in Istanbul in 2018. Spruce sound board, walnut sides and back. Piezzo pickup is Artec.
Sinan Cem Eroğlu is selling this hand made Fretless Classical Guitar for 2000 Euros, contact him by DM on facebook Sinan Cem Eroğlu (location Turkey)

Lava drop fretless guitar, a tad expensive though… (location Latvia)

Left Handed Kiesel Edition KV7 Fretless Guitar. (location Australia)

Here’s a really nice classical guitar. (location Turkey)

Some cheap Fretless Acoustic Guitars (location UK) (location UK)



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