Fretless Guitar in Guitar Player June 2016

Well it is not often we get mainstream press coverage for Fretless Guitar, so when Guitar Player June 2016 featured Jack Mazzenga’s S-10 it was welcome publicity. We’ve got pictures of the copy and some of Jack’s Fretless Guitars.

JMZ guitar player 2016

Partner in Crime

This “slightly” modified Tradition S-10 has an alder body and a maple neck with a bound, mirrored-glass fingerboard. Rail pick ups with a TremKing tailpiece make this guitar extremely versatile and perfect for my music. It’s an old friend and it records nicely too. – Jack Mazzenga

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JMZ guitar player full

Fretless Guitars

jack Mazzenga's fretless guitars

Some of Jack Mazzenga’s Fretless Guitars, the S-10 featured in Guitar Player is on the left.


Guitar Player

Jack Mazzenga – profile

Jack Mazzenga – reviews

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