ADIEU ADYU in Strandberg guitar contest

Here is Adieu Adyu’s entry for the Strandberg contest featuring his fretless Vigier guitar. This is a small clip of the outro to his song. He’s been putting a lot of time into writing his own material lately so If you like it please click the thumbs up button (“rate”) in the link below to vote! thanks…

About – Adieu Adyu

Fretless Guitarist from Malaysia. Had the opportunity to perform as an opening act for Kiko Louriero​, Tosin Abasi, and Korean artist CNBLUE. Was awarded 2nd place for the Bumblefoot Guitar Challenge playing Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu in 2014 and was lucky enough to share the stage with him as well. He is currently working on a solo album.


Adieu Adyu

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4 thoughts on “ADIEU ADYU in Strandberg guitar contest

  1. Looks like some dirty work is going on with voting bots hacking into accounts, In Adieu Adyu’s words:

    Got an email yesterday saying that voting bots were being used in the Strandberg Competition.
    It was hard to believe, but after the 1st place contestant noticed some unusual activity, I started to worry.
    I came home and saw that my votes had jumped by about 1000 and were increasing so fast I knew I was under attack. nobody knows how long it was going on for but it started to get obvious in the last few hours.
    I have been on the second page for a few days and wasn’t posting or asking for votes at all, but suddenly jumped to 4th place today? it wasn’t only me and I quickly found that quite a few contestants were being hacked as well…
    I worked very very hard for this contest, but isn’t that what music is about? seeing how far you can go, how far you can push yourself.?
    Its not about the prize or how fast the other guy can play… There is no finish line
    But all the other contestants worked so hard as well… so its sad to see this hard work go to waste over votes/popularity.
    I wanna say thank you to all my friends/family in KL & around the world for voting and believing in me. Just through this contest I’ve realized how much support I have. I was even featured on a website that I was a fan of ever since I was a teenager: by Jeff Berg, who wrote an article telling people to vote for me.. still can’t believe it!!
    Maybe its only a big deal to me, but having so much support from all of you makes me feel like I’ve won already.
    When I met Bumblefoot, he said “the only thing you can do is make the best music you can, put it out there and let the public decide what to do with it”. this has stuck with me ever since.
    It sounds naive, but I truly believe that if your put your heart and soul into it, the music will reach the right people eventually. not votes and not social media, not anything can stop that.

  2. Great to see Adieu made fifth in the popularity votes, but sad he did not make the top three prize positions, some great performances in there….

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