Luthiers Making Fretless Guitars

Luthiers Making Fretless Guitars

Well we all know how hard it is to find fretless guitars, you can either defret a normal guitar, buy one second hand or go to one of the production manufacturers. However if you want something special, there are guys out there that can just about make anything….

Lava Guitars

Lava Headstock

Lithuanian designer Rapolas Gražys and his team uses hand selected finest grade Sapele or Maple wood together with finest grade Ebony fingerboards to create beautiful fretless guitars.


Urriola Guitars

2 urriola guitars one fretless

Custom made fretless and fretted guitars by Dan Urriola in Elko, NV, USA. Dan has some stunning original ideas and several fretless guitars on his website.


ZR Guitars

ZR Scarab Fretless Guitar
ZR Fretless Scarab

Zdeněk Rumlar transferred his skill in woodworking into luthery and has a workshop in South Manchester, United Kingdom.

Article: Jahloon meets up with Czech Luthier Zdeněk Rumler

Article: Jahloon visits ZR Guitars Workshop


Turan Guitars

Turan Guitars Logo

Founded by Özgür Turan in 2012 most guitars are made to order, a speciality is fretless / fretted double-necks. Turan guitars are based in Eskişehir, Northwestern Turkey.

code red fuze's double neck fretless guitar

Özgür Turan made this double-neck for David “Fuze” Fiuczynski, it is called “Code Red”


Wizardly Guitar Repairs

Wizardly Guitar Repairs

Daniel Miller is a luthier, in Maine, USA, he has been doing fretless conversion for years and decided to build them from scratch. Article and pictures of his conversions and Fretless Guitars

Lehtele Guitar Craft

ari with his sitar instrument

Ari Lethele makes custom Fretless Guitars, article and pictures here.

Halo Custom Guitars


Halo guitars make this gorgeous MERUS Hipshot 6 String Fretless in Transparent Red.

Muncy Guitars

muncy guitars

For 49 years Gary Muncy has built and patented various guitars without frets, all have been a wave three dimensional form on the fingerboard.

Rothstein Guitars

rothstein fretless epoxy neck

Andy Rothstein’s custom guitar shop in Woodbridge, New Jersey featuring a pictorial fretless conversion done for Vinnie Zummo. Andy also applies epoxy finishes to necks.

Sankey Guitars

sankey guitar

Mike Sankey has some fine minimilist fretless guitars on his Canadian based website.

O’Donnell Custom Guitars


Melbourne, Australia, specialist luthiers of Ed Genaro’s Betty & Wilma fretless guitars.

William Jeffrey Jones Guitars

William Jeffrey Jones Guitars - Kronos

William Jeffrey Jones is a specialist luthier making very beautiful instruments. He is also a specialist sculptor turning out many items for the film and TV industry.

Beau Hannam Guitars

Makes fretless guitars and ukuleles to order.
Located in Colorado USA with the phone number: 970 623 2586


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