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Ned Evett Glass Guitar

Ned Evett, AKA “The Glass Guitarist” is now offering Fretless Guitar lessons via Skype and payment via PayPal. All skill levels from beginner to advanced and Ned will also tutor fretted Guitar.

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About Ned Evett

Born in Nashville Tennessee 1967, and raised in Boise, Idaho, Ned is the son of an English professor and an Opera singer. He started playing ukelele at age 11, moved to classical guitar, but quickly migrated to rock and became fretless in 1990, although he had been toying with the idea for a couple of years before that.

ned evett glass guitarist

Ned richly deserves the moniker: “The Glass Guitarist.”

Ned developed glass fingerboards in 1996 with his friends Cherian Jubilee and Rob Renick. In 1999 he launched the website selling Fernandes Guitars with glass fingerboards. In his own words: ”Glass is cheap, easy for an expert glass guy to cut and shape, and sounds incredible on fretless guitar” – Ned.

He won the North American Guitarist of the Year competition in 2003 and made the viral video Gollum Rap which had over 1,000,000 views. He is a keen film-maker producing his own videos. Ned is also a sculptor making “Nedheads” (amongst other items) some with magnets for fridge mounting.

In 2002 / 2003 he did 40 shows opening for Joe Satriani. He has also toured with Jonny Lang, George Thorogood and Eric Johnson.

In Joe Satriani’s own words: “Ned Evett is a monster player / writer / performer. I’ve had him on tour as a solo act, as well as with his different band lineups, and he always puts on a great performance. He has a good time with the audience, as he uses his unique personality to guide them through his music and his one-of-a-kind guitar style.” – Joe Satriani.


Ned Evett - too many bags

Too much baggage, Ned by the Mount Street sculpture, Liverpool 2005


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