Lessons & Masterclasses – Fretless Guitar

Fretless 6 String Guitar Technique

Tim Donahue

Tim Donahue

The original 1986 book complete and unabridged. This would originally been supplied with the Tim Donahue Selva Guitars (eighteen were made). Tim sent us the original manuscript which was transcribed and made available on the Unfretted website in 2004.

Turkish Makam Masterclass

Deniz Atalay

Deniz Atalay

Deniz Atalay’s masterclass, Turkish Makam for Fretless Guitar. Deniz explores and explains Turkish Makam with pictorial and sound samples.

Indian Masterclass

Edward Powell

Edward Powell

How to Play Fretless Guitar – Indian Style, by the man who knows how!

Using a Capo with a Fretless Guitar


Jahloon Godin fretless guitar 2004

Off site lessons and tutorials:

Burak Kaya

burak kaya

Turkish Musician and Writer Burak Kaya has ten fretless guitar video tutorials on his website burakkaya.com.tr/fretlessguitar.php

Cenk Erdoǧan

Cenk Erdoǧan

Cenk Erdoǧan’s excellent site Fretless Guitar Lessons

Skype lessons:

Scott McGill

Scott McGill Vigier

Fretless Skype lessons with Scott McGill