The Reasons To Be Cheerful – Fretless Guitar

Gary Cocoran decorated his nylon fretless classical guitar with the lyrics to Ian Dury and the Blockheads number “Reasons  to be Cheerful – Part 3” citing that there were too many miserable things around so it might be a good idea to have some cheerful ones on his guitar.

Reasons to be cheerful guitar

Reasons to be Cheerful Guitar, Fretless and Stringless

You can see a crack in the fingerboard which might affect playing, however Gary has strung it up and says it does not interfere with playing.

Reason to be Cheerful Guitar sans frets plus strings

Reasons to be Cheerful Fretless Guitar, all strung up and ready to go….


Gary Cocoran 2007

Gary Cocoran performing at the second Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival

We had a chance to interview Gary in 2007 at the second Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival and caught it all on video with his first set on the Friday night at the Haags Pop Centrum, Den Haag, Netherlands.

Now if you know Gary Cocoran, or have read some of his posts on the Unfretted Forum, you will know his dark humour, peppered with inappropriate dallyings and perverse logic. So it is with great pride we have located this single video clip of his self penned number, “Come Get a Chunk out the Funk in my Cotton” also known as The Baby Poop song. Played on the Reasons to be Cheerful guitar and recorded on the Saturday Night of the 2nd Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival at the Musicon in Den Haag, Netherlands, 2007.

Yesterday’s Vindaloo

Do not watch this while eating or drinking – you have been warned.

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