Sponge Bo(b) Diddley Emmentaler double neck Fretted / Fretless Guitar

This beautifully crafted Double Neck Guitar from JESTE MAÏSTORNIK. We asked the creator about its history and the guy that commissioned it, Rambo Amadeus. In his own words…..

Cheese Guitar 1

About me

My name is Vladimir Čukić (Chukic) and I’m from Belgrade, Serbia. I am a professional bass player. I was a member of the Rambo Amadeus band from 2005–2013. During my career in the band I’ve been playing electric bass, fretless bass, double bass end EUB – electric upright bass. I appear on studio album “Hipisizik metafizik” in 2008. as a double bass player:

Here I am playing fretless bass in Rambo Amadeus’ live performance in the “Dom sindikata” venue in 2010.

About Rambo Amadeus

Antonije Pušić – far better known by his artistic pseudonim Rambo Amadeus – is a very popular artist, songwriter, composer and guitar player from Belgrade, Serbia. He’s listened to in the entire Balkans region, especially ex-Yugoslavia. Often reffered to as “Frank Zappa of the Balkans”, he sings about Balkan mentality, Balkan people’s relations, and the paradox of its stupidity. His extremely witty criticism of politics, interpersonal relations and everyday life in a highly artistic form has been captivating the audience of the Balkans for nearly 30 years.

You can read more details about Rambo Amadeus on Wikipedia

How the idea of “Sponge Bob” was born

Rambo called me one day and said: “I’m sick and tired of carrying both fretless and fretted guitar across the borders and airports… please make me a double neck guitar fretless and fretted! I don’t care how it will look like I just want it to be normal weight and to sound like strat or tele or whatever… I don’t care. Body can be like Bo Diddley just one square piece of wood… I don’t give a shit”.

I said oooookay 🙂 . I was with my friend Maki Marinic, the owner of the Jeste studio. When I told him what Rambo wants he made a drawing on a small piece of paper and we started to laugh out loud when we realized that the guitar is Sponge Bob!

Sponge Bob Guitar


Cheese Guitar front

About Jeste

Jeste is a studio as well as a brand of Maki Marinich, a friend of mine who is a graduated painter and sculptor. We’ve made some guitars together, which he’d designed, and did some specific “relic alike” paint jobs.

He produced the sculpture of these two necks and body which had a strong association with Sponge Bob. But then after that, we realized that it’s too heavy to make the sponge texture out of a wood which Rambo insisted on, so we made a much bigger half spheres which came out with a “cheese” look. And yellow was the only color suitable for that crazy cheese guitar! And that’s how “Sponge Bo(b) Diddley Emmentaler double neck” was born 😀

Tech Specs


The Cheese double neck is as heavy as an average Stratocaster made of alder wood, about 9 pounds (4kg). It’s made of chambered alder top and bottom. The color consists of several shades of pure yellow pigment in a nitro base and finish is acrylic clear coat. Scales are 25.5” both necks, maple necks with maple fingerboard, Kluson keys, fretless neck with bone nut, CA coated fingerboard and nitro coat back side, shape a little bit thinner than the fretted neck, Fender hard tale bridge. Fretted neck nitro clear coat fretboard and back side, C shape. Roller nut with roller string retainers. Schaller 2 point Vintage Tremolo 3801.


Volume with treble bleed, 3-way roto selector (1: neck pickup, 2: both pickups, 3: bridge pickup), tone pot, and a 3-way guitar roto selector (1: fretless guitar, 2: both guitars, 3: fretted guitar). The neck pickup on fretted guitar is similar to a fat 50s single, neck pickup on fretless is similar to twisted Telecaster neck single. Bridge pickups are p90 noiseless stacked more than 10k each.


There are standard strap buttons and a guitar is very ergonomic and comfortable to play like any other guitar. Rambo decided to suspend the guitar from a gantry on stage to make it more significant and also make the scene look unusual.

About Maistornik and CHUKAMOTO

When I was young and somebody asked me what I’d like to be when I grow up I would say: “MAISTORNIK”! That word does not exist. It resembles the Serbian word “majstor” which is similar to “artisan” (“somebody who creates and repairs things”). I think that the origin of the word comes from the old German word “meister” which means e.g. first violin player in a classical orchestra (“maestro”), etc.

My uncle Dragan Debeljak works with me in our small MAISTORNIK workshop. He plays bass as well. He gave me first bass, taught me my first finger exercises and bass licks, taught me about different handicrafts and he reminded me that I was MAISTORNIK when I was a kid. He also worked on sponge bob project.

I am CHUKAMOTO as well. CHUKAMOTO crafts the majority of special purpose electro-acoustic transducers, guitar and bass pickups, piezo transducers, microphones, and loudspeakers with appropriate preamplifiers and amplifiers.

Before doing basses and guitars, I started with pickups and electronics. “CHUKA-” associates with my surname (Čukić → Chukic → Chuka) and “-MOTO” is a Serbian slang word for “wrapped” (as in “wrapped a magnet”). In some witty way for me, CHUKAMOTO means: me who wrapped a pickup, or maybe something else 😀

…. Vladimir Čukić

Cheese guitar 4


Cheese Guitar 5


Cheese Guitar Rear


More Youtube Videos

Rambo Amadeus & Five Winnetous (Dom Sindikata 2016) Belgrade, Serbia.

Also known as the Kilo Tzar (He was going to use Mega Tzar but modestly reduced the Monica) Born Antonije Pušić his style is very Frank Zappa, with a very tight backing band. His performances are never mere repetitions of recorded songs, but a mixture of musical improvisation and humor exploiting all aspects of human nature.


With a little Fretless Guitar





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