Rafał MoanDeep’s hand made Fretless Guitar

moandeep fretless guitar left

Rafał crafted this home made instrument, which has been made completely by hand without digital CNC machines. The idea was to create a low cost instrument made entirely of wood. The shape is very different to most guitars, but its basic construction makes it an electro acoustical guitar.

The strings are a classical nylon set and the fingerboard extends to almost touch the bridge. The guitar has a built in tuner, metronome and equaliser. It features both standard input jack and XLR.

moandeepp fretless guitar right

Rafał lives in Southern Poland and describes himself as a Musician interested in Digital Art, Theoretical Physics, Applications of Quantum Physics, Qubit Technology and the Performing Arts.


Well no better test than listening to the guitar itself:


moandeep fretless guitar standing

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