Lava Fretless Guitars – Kickstarter Campaign

Lava Guitars have just launched a new Kickstarter campaign in order to show the precision, innovation and exclusivity of Lava guitars.

They have three different new models for a discounted price as part of the campaign (30-40 % less than normal). This runs for one month only so if you want to take advantage of this limited edition offer, you had better act quickly!

Lava Fretless Guitar

Ergonomic, handcrafted from one piece of Sapele wood, fretless electric guitar. It is created to open up endless possibilities of musical creativity just by sliding smoothly trough Ebony wood fingerboard and exploring microtones. With this electric guitar you get a a totally unique sound. This is perfect for jazz, world-music, slide blues tunes, and any other guitar styles. It is filled up with 2 Lace Alumitone humbuckers that are splittable – the guitar has 5 different pickup tone combinations. Neck scale length: 655mm/25.8.

Fretless Lava drop – Kickstarter price $2100 (saving $1700)


Lava drops on Unfretted

Kickstarter campaign


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