Killick’s Fretless “Walrus” Guitar with Video

Killick’s Walrus guitar is both a fretless and a fretted guitar featuring exchangeable aluminium necks, one fretted, one fretless. Changing the necks takes less than ten minutes.

Killick walrus neck
Killick with the aluminium fingerboard

In Killick’s own words…

The Walrus was made by my good friend Rick Toone (

It has 6 strings and is made of cherry wood with marine birch ply. There is an interrupt switch and two humbuckers. It’s very comfortable for seated play…and covers a wide range of stylistic possibilities…

Killick Walrus back
Rear of the Walrus


This video was taken at the Trio Contemporary Art Gallery in Athens, Georgia, USA on Friday 21st September 2017.

He is using two amps for spatial sound. The fretless guitar sports an additional piezo. A Vibesware feedback inducer is at the end of the mic stand, which induces the feedback on the length of strings between the fretting hand and the nut. He is also processing his electric signal with chorus, octave and Ottobit Jr. effects.



This is a link to a high quality audio recording of the above video:

About Killick

Killick (originally born Erik Hinds in 1972) lives in Athens, Georgia, USA. He is an active composer, performer, and promoter of a wide range of music. He plays fretless guitar along with quartertone electric guitar, as well the H’arpeggione, an 18-stringed upright acoustic instrument with sympathetic strings, built by Fred Carlson. Equally influenced by improvisational music and “composed” sounds, Killick’s style blends primitive folk, Appelation trance metal, and sacred music from around the world.

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