Hamid Alobid’s fretless conversion of a Yamaha Travel Guitar

Fretless Travel Guitar 3

Hamid Alobid converted his Yamaha silent Classical Guitar to a Fretless Guitar a process he says took a lot of effort and time, but this was well worth it as you can’t imagine how beautiful the guitar now sounds. It’s like a Spanish / Arabic / Turkish guitar mixed together.

Hamid was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and now lives in Najran city in the South of the Country. He says Fretless Guitar is not well known in Saudi Arabia which makes him sad, musicians in Saudi are more well known for mastering the Oud, but that could change as on the fretless guitar you can play the same notes of a regular guitar and you can also play the quarter notes, which opens a whole new world of scales.


Fretless Travel Guitar 5

Fretless Travel Guitar 4

Fretless Travel Guitar 7

Fretless Travel Guitar 1

Fretless Travel Guitar 8


Now to hear what it sounds like!


This is a video clip of Hamid’s Oud teacher demonstrating the famous Nahawend Maqam.


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