Fretless Acoustic Guitar fitted with a Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesis device

Killick Hinds with Flowers

Back in February 2014, Killick Hinds of Athens, Georgia, USA picked up his new Fretless Acoustic from the Vo Innovations factory. This was a Wes Lambe fretless guitar fitted with a Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesis device.

Vo-96 stage set up
Stage setup 2015, in Wisconsin

About the Vo-96

Paul Vo, the inventor of the technology behind the award winning Moog Guitar and Moog Lap Steel instruments has for some years been imagining, experimenting and developing a radical music synthesis tool that operates by a new method of sound design: Acoustic Synthesis™.

Unlike traditional methods of analog and digital sound generation, Acoustic Synthesis creates new sounds and methods of musical expression by controlling the vibrations of actual physical objects. Paul Vo’s latest and most advanced invention, the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer, creates dazzling new sound and performance possibilities by directly controlling the strings of an acoustic guitar.



Killick Hinds Visits The Factory to pick up his Wes Lambe Vo-96 Fretless Guitar

Concert video with his group Thunder O(h)m!

Bandcamp links

Thunder O(h)m! studio album with Vo-96:

Recording of the concert in Wisconsin (pictured above)


Killick Hinds – Profile (Unfretted) (Killick Hinds website)


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