Daniel Wardlow’s Newcaster Fretless Guitar, Copper Fingerboard

Daniel Wardlow has been intrigued with fretles guitars for years and recently worked with a local (Taos, New Mexico, USA) guitar maker to build one. It’s a Tele-clone style guitar, and the guitar luthier, Norbert Ubechel, www.newcasterguitars.com builds some truly incredible playing, sounding and looking guitars. He’s a neighbour and friend of Daniel, so they conspired on his first fretless build which has a 24 gauge copper fingerboard. While Daniel bought that one from him, Norbert was so intrigued with playing it that he built another for himself, this time with a similar gauge stainless steel fingerboard.


DW fretless guitar copper all

DW fretless guitar copper body

DW fretless guitar copper joint

DW fretless guitar copper headstock

DW fretless guitar copper neck

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