Fretless Guitarist – Interviews

Fretless Guitarist – Interviews

There is nothing better than an Interview to gain an insight into what makes a fretless guitarist tick, and have we got some great interviews!


Ned Evett Globro

Find out how Ned Evett got to play support to Joe Satriani.

Marcus Webb 14 string fretless guitar

Discover why Marcus Webb commissioned this 14 String Fretless. (pic by Ralph Gibson)

Tim Donahue Shotgun

How did Tim Donahue persuade James Labrie of Dream Theater to sing on his “Madmen and Sinners” album?

Ryszard Letiki with Latar

Find out from Ryszard Letiki just what a “Latar” is…

Adrian Romero

Watch Adrian Romero play the bicycle wheel guitar (plus other clips)

Ron Thal Bumblefoot

Ron Thal (Bumblefoot) tackles the Tea Cosy Conundrum….

Jahloon fretless harp guitar

Why Jahloon avoids crashing into trees….

Jahloon interviewed by Andrea Aguzzi  (external link)

Vasant Rai Fretless Sur Guitar

What did George Harrison, Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar say about Vasant Rai?

Jurica Jelic classical

What is Jurica Jelić’s Sintar?

Adieu Adyu with Vigier

Find out about Adieu Adyu’s 2015 dream year.

Fredrik Pihl purple Vigier

Read Fredrik Pihl’s reaction to discovering non-alcoholic drinks

Jay Matharu, Mahavira

Find out how Jay Matharu integrated Fretless Guitar into the London Sitar Ensemble

Lutte Berg

A fretless guitarist with his own vineyard? Read about Lutte Berg here.

Rich Perks

How the Arabic Oud turned Rich Perks into a Fretless Guitarist



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